Suggestions for Budget 2024 open until January next year

Singapore’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) is actively seeking input from Singaporeans as they prepare for the Budget 2024, set to be released in February 2024.

Singaporeans have the opportunity to share their insights and suggestions through various communication channels provided by the ministry until January 26, 2024.

Here are the following channels:

Feedback Channel Contact Details
Singapore Budget Website
REACH Budget 2024 Microsite
REACH Singapore Facebook
REACH Singapore Instagram
PA Ask Kopi Kakis #shareyourviews Webpage

MOF is encouraging contributions in key areas such as fostering a competitive and sustainable economy that generates quality employment opportunities for everyone.

Additionally, they’re seeking ideas on strengthening the social compact and creating a secure nation capable of weathering challenges effectively.

This call for public engagement proves the government’s commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness to people’s needs in shaping the Lion City’s annual policies.

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