Bringing Forward the Implementation of Budget Measures to Help Singaporean Households

Singapore. Finance Minister Lawrence Wong told the parliament on Monday (April 4) that the Government will bring forward the implementation of budget measures that were previously unveiled during Budget 2022 including CDC  vouchers and rebates to address the economic impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict. These budget measures will help Singaporeans with their daily living expenses.

S$100 CDC Vouchers

Among the support measures to be brought forward is the S$100 Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers for every Singaporean household.

The S$100 worth of CDC vouchers will be given out by the middle of May. This is on top of the S$100 CDC voucher disbursed four months ago (December 2021).

The CDC vouchers aim to help Singaporeans with their daily expenses.

More Rebates for Eligible Singaporean Households

Moreover, the rebates for Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) and utility bills will be brought forward as additional support for Singaporean households.

The first tranche of S&CC rebates and U-Save rebates to eligible households will be brought forward this month (April 2022).

“This will address a key cost of living component which several members asked about. To illustrate households living in four-room HDB flats will receive S150 in U-Save rebates this month and that is equivalent to about a full month’s worth of their utility bills on average” said Mr Wong.

In addition, Mr Wong had added that the rest of the U-Save and S&CC rebates will be disbursed in the coming quarters – in July and October 2022 and by January 2023.

“So, for the whole of the financial year of 2022, households living in four-room flats to give an illustration will receive about four months of rebates on their utility bills and that’s even accounting for the higher electricity prices and two and a half months of rebates on their S&CC,” Mr Wong added.

Other Forms of Support for Singaporean Households

Moreover, the Government have other forms of help for households including top-ups to the Child Development Account (CDA), Edusafe Account or Post-Secondary Education Account of every Singaporean child as well as the GST voucher in terms of cash and MediSave top-ups.

The Government will ensure that those measures are disbursed to Singaporeans in a timely manner.

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