EMA and Shell launch new service stations

The Energy Market Authority and Shell paved the way for the first smart and clean-energy-powered service stations that power electric vehicles through renewable energy.

“This project is a key milestone in our efforts to develop a more sustainable energy future for Singapore, particularly in electrifying our vehicle population and scaling up solar adoption,” said EMA Chief Executive Ngiam Shih Chun. 

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The project was developed by Eigen Energy which received a grant from EMA, Shell, and Enterprise Singapore.

The service centres are located in Lakeview, Paris Sir, and Tampines. All power is sourced through solar panels placed at the station rooftops and other Shell rooftops in Singapore.

These new stations are the fastest in Singapore, more than three timers dater compared to the 50 kilowatts direct current chargers available today.  

“The project demonstrates the importance of partnerships between government, industry leaders like Shell, and SMEs like Eigen Energy in realising a clean energy future. We look forward to more of such collaborations to co-create sustainable energy solutions with the industry,” Chun added.

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