Henley Passport Index releases new rankings

The Henley Passport Index has placed passports from Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain at the top of global mobility, granting holders visa-free access to 194 out of 227 countries. This prestigious ranking highlights the extensive travel freedoms enjoyed by citizens of these nations.

Meanwhile, South Korea, Finland, and Sweden placed second on the index, with their passports opening doors to 193 countries. Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands share the third place, each offering access to 192 destinations worldwide.

The United Kingdom has climbed to the fourth position, with its passport holders now able to visit 191 destinations, a notable increase from 188 last year. Additionally, Greece, Malta, and Switzerland are jointly ranked fifth, each with access to 190 countries.

At the other end of the spectrum, Afghanistan’s passport remains at the bottom of the list, offering visa-free access to only 28 countries. Compared to the previous year’s standings, Singapore had access to 192 destinations, while Germany, Italy, and Spain were tied in second place, each with access to 190 countries.

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