Singapore able to visit 192 countries visa-free

Have plans of travelling around the world soon? Good news awaits you. Singapore has been ranked 2nd in the list of the world’s most powerful passports.

The results were obtained by the Henley Passport Index based on exclusive and official data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Singapore is tied in second place with South Korea. Currently, Singapore passport holders can visit 192 countries around the world visa-free. Meanwhile, Japan, which bagged first place, can visit 193.

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Singapore passport

Singapore’s current placement is down one point. In October 2021, Singapore and Japan tied for first place. Meanwhile, South Korea and Germany tied for second place.

According to Henley & Partner in a press release, Russian passport holders are now “more cut off from the rest of the world than ever before”. Various travel bans, airport closures, and sanctions have drastically limited Russian citizens from accessing all but selected destinations in the Middle East and Asia. Currently, Russia placed 50th on the ranking, with a visa-free arrival score of 119.

Ukraine ranked 35th on the ranking, with passport holders able to access 144 countries visa-free.

Curious to see the most powerful passports in the world? Here’s a list below. 

  • Japan (#1, 193 countries) 
  • Singapore (#2, 192 countries) 
  • Korea (#2, 192 countries) 
  • Germany (#3, 190 countries) 
  • Spain (#3, 190 countries) 
  • Finland (#4, 189 countries) 
  • Italy (#4, 189 countries) 
  • Luxembourg (#4, 189 countries) 
  • Austria (#5, 188 countries) 
  • Denmark (#5, 188 countries) 
  • Netherlands (#5, 188 countries) 
  • Sweden (#5, 188 countries) 

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