A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS 2.0) Pass

Malaysia is a first choice for many Singaporeans who want a change of pace and scenery due to its distance. Despite this, crossing the 1 km. long border can take a couple of hours, especially on holidays and weekends. The long travel can significantly eat up your time and tire you out.

Thankfully, that won’t be the case anymore for thousands of people.

You can finally head to Malaysia faster, even before the Johor-Singapore Rapid Transit System is complete. This is made possible by the Malaysia Automated Clearance System or MACS 2.0.

From 20 January 2023, Singaporeans can use the e-gate facilities, which used to be limited to Malaysian passport holders, at two land entry points in Johor at the Sultan Iskandar Building via Woodlands Checkpoint, as well as the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex via Tuas Checkpoint.

Ready to find out more about the Malaysia Automated Clearance System and how you can take advantage of it? Keep on reading.

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What is the Malaysia Automated Clearance System or MACS 2.0?

The Malaysia Automated Clearance System MACS is a form of convenient and fast facilitation for Singapore citizens who cross the border between Singapore and Malaysia. All Singaporeans who have the Malaysia Automated Clearance System pass do not need to go through Malaysian immigration stamping upon their entry and exit.

This initiative is set to benefit around 50,000 Singaporeans who regularly visit Johor for a wide array of purposes, according to Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

Who Can Apply for the MACS Pass?

This facility will be opened to visitors from low-risk categories such as Japan, Australia, Brunei, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

You can apply for the MACS Pass as long as you have a Singapore biometric passport (e-passport) that has a validity of not less than three months, as well as a Malaysia long-term pass. It’s worth noting that all applicants for the Malaysia Automated Clearance System must be above 120cm.

Malaysia Automated Clearance System Application

Before, visitors applying for MACS were required to make an online appointment and have the following:

  • One passport-size photo
  • Photocopies of work permit, NRIC, Form 7
  • E-Payment of MACS fee

Currently, visitors who have a Singapore e-passport can enrol for the Malaysia Automated Clearance System directly at the Malaysian immigration counter. You don’t need to go to the Malaysia Automated Clearance System Office in Singapore. You may find the Malaysia Automated Clearance System Application form here.

Keep in mind that Singaporean travellers must submit their Malaysia Digital Arrival Card or MDAC online within 3 days before the date of their arrival in CIQ KSAB and CIQ BSI.

Applicants should also verify their particulars manually (only once) at the immigration counter before they can use the Malaysia automated facilities on their future visits, whether you’re heading from Singapore to Malaysia or Malaysia to Singapore.

After registration, applicants must fill out and submit the MDAC online within 3 days before the arrival of their every visit. But after this, they can skip the immigration counters and save time by using the e-gate facilities.

How Can You Use the E-Gate in Malaysia?

As stated above, you must head to the manual immigration if it’s your first time verifying the MACS. Tell the immigration officer that you’ve already submitted your information and that you want to use the e-gate. The officer will register your information in the system and you can finally use the e-gate when you leave Malaysia, as well as your other trips.

A Word from OMY

A lot of Singaporeans head to Malaysia for work or to have fun. Thankfully, your visit to Malaysia can be more hassle-free thanks to the Malaysia Automated Clearance System. Now, your travel time will be significantly reduced and you can have more hours to explore Malaysia.   

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