Singapore Chicken Supply Assured by Many Sources

Singapore. Minister of State for Home Affairs and Sustainability and Environment Desmond Tan said that in the coming weeks, there will be more chicken imports from several countries heading to Singapore.

In the last months, the price of chicken has also increased from S$6.60 per kilogram in March, to S$7.21 per kilogram in April for a whole chicken.

The chilled and frozen chicken products from alternative sources are set to stabilise Singapore’s chicken supply.

Singapore Chicken

The country’s chicken shortage came as a result of Malaysia’s ban on chicken imports. This is a big blow considering Singapore sources a third of its chicken supply from Malaysia, which is around 3.6 million chickens per month. Most of these chickens are bought alive, and then slaughtered and chilled in Singapore.

Singapore’s neighbour joins other countries in taking necessary steps to ease domestic prices as countries deal with rising food costs, partly due to the conflict in Ukraine.

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Recently, Indonesia also banned palm oil exports. Meanwhile, Serbia and Kazakhstan imposed quotas on grain shipment, and India restricted its sugar and wheat imports.

We will be expecting more supplies of both chilled chicken from Australia and Thailand, and frozen chicken from sources such as Brazil and US in the coming weeks,” said Tan, adding that there is an adequate supply of chicken for everyone thanks to the quick response of importers, distributors, and supermarkets who are working with the Singapore Food Agency.

Malaysia’s chicken supply shortage is set to be over in July, just in time for Aidiladha.

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