2 in 3 Singaporeans keen to try new digital technologies

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has unveiled the inaugural Singapore Digital Society Report, presenting striking statistics showing that 99% of households in the nation now boast internet connectivity.

The comprehensive report not only shows the significant strides Singapore has made in becoming a digital society but also highlights that nearly all households (98%) have computers and an overwhelming majority of residents between the ages of 18 and 59 own smartphones.

In a groundbreaking shift towards digital integration, Singapore has seen a substantial uptake in digital skills among its populace. Among the findings, more than half (66%) of seniors are using mobile app payments, while 86% of seniors take advantage of the internet for information searches in 2022.

IMDA’s report also notes that over 80% of Singaporeans affirm that digital technologies have improved their lives, with close to two-thirds expressing enthusiasm about exploring new digital innovations.

However, a notable portion of those surveyed, 66%, believe that Singapore’s push towards a digital future will be advantageous for every citizen.

Nonetheless, Singaporeans exhibit a degree of wariness about potential pitfalls of digitalization, notably concerned about misinformation and online scams. Approximately half of respondents show reluctance to embrace the risks associated with technology use.

To address these concerns, the government advocates the use of two-factor authentication and urges the public to exercise discretion when consuming online information, aiming to foster a more informed and cautious approach to digital engagement.

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