T-Bill returns rise, demand also heats up

Singapore. The latest auction of Singapore’s six-month Treasury Bill reported cut-off yields of a staggering 4.19% per annum.

T-bills are backed by the Singapore government. These short-term debt securities have a maturity period of one year or less. The latest number increased from the 3.77% reported for the six-month T-bill that was issued last week. It was also up from 0.55% at the start of the year.

The latest T-bill auction was oversubscribed and received a total application that amounted to S$10.9 billion, for a total allotment of S$4.6 billion.

Singapore dollar resilient against US dollar

The same trend can also be observed when it comes to the Singapore Savings Bonds, which has a record average return of 3.21% over 10 years. The applications it received doubled from the previous issue.

The newest savings bond will be issued on 1 November and will mature in November 2032.

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