Singapore Airlines reinstates its Beijing to Singapore flight

Starting on December 30, Singapore Airlines will be offering flights from Singapore to the Chinese capital for the first time since COVID-19 disrupted international travel.

This is the first time SIA is reinstating the flight after close to three years. The Singapore to Beijing flight service will be on a fortnightly basis. Just last 27 September, SIA reinstated its Beijing to Singapore flight which operates every Tuesday and Friday.

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A roundtrip ticket that leaves for Beijing this Friday and comes back to Singapore on 10 January costs S$2,789.

“We will continue to monitor the travel demand and work closely with local authorities to gradually resume passenger flight services between Singapore and mainland China where feasible. China is an important market for the SIA Group, and we will be ready when the Chinese government further opens up to international air travel,” stated an SIA spokesman.

According to Mayur Patel, head of Asia at global travel data provider OAG Aviation, the move to reinstate flights between the two countries is an integral and strategic decision as China is a vital trading partner for Singapore.

“I see it as baby steps and a measured approach to the broader reopening that China is working on. Some flights between China and the rest of the world have been reinstated, so it is significant that Singapore makes a move to ensure that its connectivity with China is restored,” he shared.

Senior marketing communications manager at Chan Brothers Travel, Jeremiah Wong stated that the travel agency has received questions from travellers asking when China will reopen for tourism.

“But since China still is not open for leisure travel, the new passenger flights will likely serve returning Chinese nationals or residents, and passengers travelling for official duties and business,” he said.

Patel added that people booking flights from Singapore to China are probably people who have family there.

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