AI roles well paid, according to Indeed

Between March 2018 to March 2023, Indeed searches for AI jobs increased by 148.5%.

Among the most significant growth in job postings were for research fellows, with a 58.81% increase, followed by machine learning engineers at 18.74%, data scientists at 13.6%, and software engineers at 5.11%.

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“The job market has responded to the boom in interest in AI-related career prospects, as indicated by a 95% increase in job postings on Indeed’s site during the same time period,” according to the statement.

The growth in AI careers comes as Singapore declared to prioritise Employment Pass applications for roles that it added to its Shortage Occupation List released in March 2023. This includes software engineers, AI scientists, and data scientists.

According to Indeed, AI roles are well paid above the average monthly salary of S$5,070 in the country. For instance, the average monthly salary for senior data scientists is S$10,395. Meanwhile, software architects are paid S$10,071 per month, and data engineers are paid an average of S$8,171.

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