Budget 2023 to be announced on 14 February

Singapore. With most families in Singapore expressing worries about the rising cost of living, home prices, and work-life balance, people are hoping that Budget 2023 will help them with these struggles.

Over the past months, Singapore’s feedback unit asked Singaporeans what they hope to see in the Budget 2023.

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Rising costs are the main issue for both bigger families and newly-married couples.

“Food, clothes, education, school fees – these costs have all been increasing,” said Kaly Lim, a working mother.

“All these are quite a challenge to support what is necessary for us. It would be good to have some bonus, extra income for us to take care of our family,” she added.

According to some families, the S$300 CDC vouchers did not account for family needs and size.

“The CDC vouchers are per household, and it is a limited amount. So, in terms of a family of five, it goes away very quickly compared to a family of two or three,” shared Mdm Sandra who has three children.

“I mean, it’s some help, and it’s appreciated, but if it’s a slightly bigger budget for bigger families, then I foresee it would help us much more,” she added.

Meanwhile, newly married couples who want to settle down are worrying about home prices.

“We just had a kid so I’m just starting my new phase as a father and family man,” said Arshath Arif, a newly-married father.

Not only that, but work-life balance is also becoming a concern as more people return to the office after the pandemic.

“These parents face stress on many fronts, including financial, time, and energy needed to care for their loved ones,” said Alicia Boo, chief of impact and principal counsellor at charity organisation Focus on the Family.

NGOs are also aiming to not only aid parents directly, but also help businesses support parents.

“I’m hoping that the government would better support corporate leaders to help their employees to better integrate work and life,” said Bryan Tan, CEO of non-profit organisation Centre for Fathering.

“This will allow more dads and moms to play a more active role in the lives of their children so that they can thrive in the home as they do at work,” he added.

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