Enterprise Singapore Sustainability Program done through subsidised training workshops and project financing

According to Enterprise Singapore, more small and medium enterprises are signing up for courses on sustainability since the end of 2021 as the push for a greener Singapore intensifies.

“We first started out with recycling, and then we slowly moved on into putting LED lights into the building, and then also we recently installed the solar panels,” said James Loke, Group CEO of Tru-Marine.

Just like Tru-Marine, more businesses are intensifying their response to the growing interest in ESG targets, such as reducing carbon footprint.

“I believe that being out there, and making sure our ESG goals are visible, clearly definable, and concrete would enable us to be the preferred provider,” shared Linda Hoo, Tru-Marine Independent Director & Chair of ESG Committee.

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Through the Enterprise Singapore Sustainability Program, Tru-Marine was able to have access to resources that will help them incorporate sustainability into their business operation and strategy.

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Launched in October 2021, the program aims to help SMEs develop sustainable capabilities to better seize opportunities in the green economy. 

The program includes subjects such as decarbonization and sustainable financing. More courses are set to be added to the pipeline to cater to the needs of other sectors.

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