3 in 4 Singaporeans to make at least one online purchase a month

In a survey by Amazon Singapore, it was found that 38% of Singaporeans are planning to spend on accessories and apparel, 35% are expected to spend on groceries, and 31% will spend on health and personal care products. 

The report surveyed over 1,000 respondents. It also found that Singaporeans will make at least one purchase a month due to sales and pricing discounts of up to 50%.  

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The key drivers for online shopping are trustworthiness at 15%, and product quality at 15%.

Until now, Singaporeans remain conservative in their holiday shopping due to the economic situation. 

“This highlights the need for retailers to look at helping to mitigate consumers’ fear of inflation and offer budget-friendly options for customers,” according to the Amazon report.  

Around 57% of shoppers stated they will spend less or get more affordable brands instead. 

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