Mental Wellness Now a Priority Among Singaporeans

Singapore. New types of businesses revolving around mental health wellness are on the rise as workers face burnout amid the pandemic.

One of these is Project Send, a bouldering gym in Esplanade Mall, where coaches help clients build mental resilience and confidence. Currently, all their programmes are oversubscribed, with most people saying bouldering helps them perform better under pressure.

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“In the international scene, climbing is seen as a kind of therapy. You need to be very aware of where your strengths and limitations are, so that you can solve the problem that’s on the wall,” said the director of Project Send, Mr Kenneth Ng.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, Singapore’s wellness economy ranked 14th in the Asia Pacific Region, out of 45 countries.

According to tourism authorities, they are hoping to turn this into a lucrative business opportunity in the new 5 to 10 years. By 2025, the wellness economy is expected to reach $7 trillion.

Another business, SPACE2B, located on Stanley Street in the Central Business District, offers sound baths where people can meditate while listening to sounds from singing bowls.

“We’re getting so many enquiries, so many requests to hold our sessions at the corporate offices, and also for them to come over here, and to have sessions where they can have the overseas colleagues dial in,” stated the founder of the studio, Ms Christina Nikolovski Low.

But as more businesses related to mental health wellness pop up, individuals are advised to be more discerning.

Clinical psychologist Jocelyn Cheng said that consumers should choose evidence-based practices.

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