MOH triples MediShield Life Claim

The MediShield claim limit for cancer drug services will be set at S$3,600 annually starting on 1 April, according to MOH.

A separate claim limit for outpatient drug services was previously introduced on September 1 September last year “to cover costs of services that might be incurred over the course of one’s cancer drug treatment,” according to MOH, adding that the list of services includes scans, blood tests, supportive care drugs, and doctor consultations.

Currently, the MediShield Life claim limit for these expenses is S$1,200 annually. Meanwhile, the MediSave limit is S$600 per calendar year.

“Since its implementation, we have received feedback that the MediShield Life claim limit for cancer drug services may not be adequate for some patients who require more frequent tests to monitor disease progression or who require more supportive care drugs to manage their side effects,” according to the Health Ministry.

Patients who made claims for cancer drug services in 2023 can make additional MediShield claims until 1 April, up to the new limit.

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Additionally, the Integrated Shield Plan coverage will be adjusted to cover only the treatments on the Cancer Drug List from the same date upon their policy purchase or renewal.

Meanwhile, there’s no change to the S$600 MediSave limit per calendar year.

In 2021, MOH announced that MediShield Life will subsidise more cancer patients for their outpatient drug treatment. These patients can make claims between S$200 to S$9,600 per month from a list that covers 90% of existing cancer drug treatments in the public sector.

“MOH will continue to review our healthcare financing schemes to ensure that they remain adequate to address Singaporeans’ needs, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of healthcare costs,” said MOH.

This increase was a response to the feedback received by MOH.

“Like many policy changes, the recent moves on cancer drugs serve to make treatment affordable. But it requires the support of stakeholders, and feedback like this that can help us improve and fine-tune the policy,” said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung in a Facebook post.

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