Motorists complain about traffic in Novena

Singapore. In October, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that the junctions between Thomson, Newton, and Moulmein roads would be reconfigured starting 21 October to complete the next phase of NSC works in Novena.

The 21.5km. NSC will be the country’s longest transit priority corridor. It will include dedicated bus lanes, pedestrian paths, and cycling trunk routes that will connect the northern parts of Singapore to the city. This is expected to be completed in 2027.

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Currently, there are signages, lifts, and two barrier-free pedestrians in the area to help with the construction.

Novena is a dense area and the reconfiguration of junctions is crucial to make space for the construction. However, motorists are facing the repercussions of the construction.

In an interview with The Strait Times, Jared Tang, 23, drives to Novena for his monthly medical appointment. He said that it used to take him roughly 25 minutes to get to his destination from his home in Jurong. Now, 20 to 30 minutes have been added to his travel time.

“The roads here had usually been congested during the peak hours because of the construction. But now there are more turns to make and more traffic lights,” he said, adding that he has to take more travelling time into consideration so he won’t be late.

Motorists and pedestrians also said that they were confused by the junction reconfiguration, but have come to accept it.

The LTA promises to continue monitoring the traffic conditions in the area and make adjustments as needed.

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