TraceTogether App for Travellers in Singapore

As the pandemic continues, all travellers to Singapore must download the TraceTogether (TT) App to their mobile phones.

Even a short-term visitor in Singapore needs to use the TraceTogether App and must download it before entering Singapore.

TraceTogether (TT) App is a mobile application developed by the Government of Singapore to support the nation’s existing effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing. This is part of the TraceTogether Programme together with the TraceTogether Token. The TT App was initially released on 20 March 2020.

Both App and Token worked by using Bluetooth signals to record nearby TraceTogether devices.

If it is your first time travelling to Singapore, you might be wondering how to set up and use the TraceTogether App.

Here is a quick guide on how to use the TraceTogether App.

How To Set Up the TraceTogether App?

How To Set Up the TraceTogether App?


1. Download the TraceTogether Mobile App

The TraceTogether App is available on both android and iOS. You can download the TT app on the following:

Moreover, you can download it at


If you are a visitor coming from Mainland China, you may need a VPN to download the app.

You can also download the App by scanning the QR code (please refer to How to Set Up TraceTogether Diagram)

Currently, the App is available in more languages. You can select your preferred language.

To check if your device is compatible, you can refer here.

2. Launch The TraceTogether App

As you launch the TT App, you will read the benefits of using the App. Then, you read about the data usage – wherein the Bluetooth proximity data is stored securely on your phone.


If ever you test positive for COVID-19, the MOH will ask you to upload the data for contract tracing purposes.

Moreover, data on your phone are automatically deleted if they are longer than 25 days.

3. Enter Your Mobile Number

You have to register using your mobile number and enter the One-Time Pin (OTP) sent via SMS – make sure to connect to the internet (data or Wi-Fi).

Take note that the app is intended to use in Singapore. Your overseas networks and phone numbers may not receive the OTP for verification. In that case, you need to set up the app in Singapore with a local SIM Card.

4. Select Your Profile

You have to select your profile and enter the needed details. This helps the Ministry of Health (MOH) reach the right person when they need to contact you.


You need to enter your passport details. This is the passport that you will use to enter Singapore. The details will be matched with Singapore Immigration.

5. Enable Your Bluetooth And Other App Permissions

The TT App works using Bluetooth signals, so you have to enable your Bluetooth, plus the other app permissions to make it work.

Need to Root Your Android Devices? Discover Kingroot.

6. Set Up Completed

While you are in Singapore, make sure that you keep the Bluetooth on and keep the app open in the background.

How to Use the TraceTogether App for Travellers in Singapore?

To use the TraceTogether App in Singapore make sure to follow the following:

  1. Download the TT app on your mobile devices before travelling to Singapore.
  2. Upon arrival, you need to activate and use the app during your stay in Singapore.
  3. You have to enable your Bluetooth and run the app in the background while you are in Singapore.

Take note that starting 1 Jan 2022, those who cannot use the TT App need to collect a TT Token (cost about S$13 per Token).

What If You Cannot Activate the TracetTogether App?

  1. Make sure that you tap the “ACTIVATE APP” button after you’ve cleared from Singapore’s Immigration.
  2. Check the details you entered on the app. It must match the passport that you used to enter Singapore.
  3. You can wait for about 2-3 minutes after you’ve cleared from Singapore’s immigration before you activate the app.
  4. If you can’t still activate the App, please send a message to

A Word from OMY

Before entering Singapore, make sure that you have downloaded the TraceTogether App. The TT App allows you to enter various places in Singapore, such as hotels, malls, restaurants, and attractions.

Make sure to run the App in the background and enable your Bluetooth during the entire duration of your stay in Singapore.

Furthermore, if you are travelling to Singapore, make sure that you have checked the other travel requirements, such as having travel insurance in Singapore with COVID-19 coverage.

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