SG becoming a favourite among travellers who want to explore Southeast Asia

Traveloka President Caesar Indra noted stronger demand for global events in Singapore as hotel bookings and room rates increased 10% this year compared to last year’s Grand Prix weekend.

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“As Singapore is the only Southeast Asian city on the Grand Prix calendar, we can expect racing aficionados from across the region to gather for a weekend of adrenaline rush. According to our data, the majority of those who booked hotels on our platform during the F1 weekend are from Indonesia, followed by China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand,” he said.

Indra also added that this is the first year since the borders have fully reopened. He noted that the F1 Grand Prix is a magnet for international travellers who want to experience a festival-like atmosphere abroad.

However, the Grand Prix is not the only factor bringing people to Singapore. The Lion City is now a favourite hub among those who want to explore Southeast Asia, and this also contributes to the rising hotel room rates during this period.

Tourists are excited to explore Singapore-only attractions such as Universal Studios, Bird Paradise, and Singapore Cable Car.

“These uniquely Singaporean experiences bring a blend of nature and urban activities that appeal to travellers across the spectrum,” Indra stated.

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