Budget 2023 to be presented in February

Singapore. Organisations, businesses, and individuals are urged to provide suggestions for Budget 2023 over a six-week period.

There are three broad themes involved in the effort. This includes:

  1. Navigating a volatile and complex world
  2. Building a resilient nation
  3. Strengthening our social compact

Navigating a volatile and complex world will cover issues such as higher inflation and slowing growth, as well as more frequent economic disruption and geopolitical tensions.

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“We need to tackle these challenges and be ready to seize new opportunities,” said the Ministry of Finance. More from OMY: Singapore bags 5th place out of 30 Economies in Sustainable Trade Index

MOF also shared that Singapore needs to achieve greater resilience to withstand and absorb challenges and external shocks, as well as overcome disruptions.

Lastly, the government wants Singaporeans to care for each other as the nation prepares for challenges in the future. Strengthening social impact also calls for figuring out the actions to take together as a community and identifying the groups that need support.

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