Gojek Singapore’s temporary driver fee from S$.50 to S$.80

Singapore. The ride-hailing service Gojek has announced in a press release dated March 19 to implement a temporary driver fee starting March 31 until May 31, 2022. This is Gojek’s latest move to help its driver partners cope with increasing fuel and operating costs.

According to Gojek Singapore’s general manager Lien Choong Luen, the rising costs at the pump directly impact their driver partners’ ability to work and earn and they have heard these challenges. Based on Mr Lien Choong Luen, the temporary driver fee will serve as “financial support and earning protection”.

He added that their driver partners are the backbone of the Gojek platform and their priority is to maintain the welfare and ensure that they can build a sustainable platform.

The temporary driver fee will be applied to all GoCar, GoCar Premium and GoCar XL trips. However, the fee will not be implemented to GoTaxi rides since the fares are subject to the taxi’s meter.

How much will be the temporary driver fee?

  • A driver fee of S$0.50 for trips less than 10km
  • A driver fee of S$0.80 for trips 10km and above

The full amount of this fee will go to driver partners. It will not be subjected to Gojek’s prevailing commission rates.

Gojek Singapore to Increase start fare by up to S$.80

Gojek Singapore's response to rising fuel costs

The increase in its starting fare is part of Gojek Singapore’s response to increasing fuel costs.

How much will be the start fare increase?

  • A S$0.50 start fare increase for GoCar trips.
  • A S$0.80 start fare increase for GoCar Premium and GoCar XL trips.

This measure is a part of the move to address the rising petrol, and diesel pump prices across all retailers in Singapore due to the recent global spike in oil prices brought by the Russia-Ukraine war.
Mr Lien Choong Luen has said that they do not take the fare increase lightly, and they know that the rising costs will impact all their users.

Moreover, he said they remain focused on ensuring a safe and reliable ride at fair and competitive prices for both riders and driver-partners. They are committed to continuous improvement and help them build a stronger business and spur growth in Singapore.

In addition, to help its consumers, up to five Gojek trips from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays can still get 50 percent off on fares which is subject to a maximum discount of S$5.

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