Grocery shopping is now easier for Foodpanda users

DFI Retail Group, Foodpanda Singapore, and Yuu Rewards Club recently joined forces to offer a unique online supermarket shopping experience for Foodpanda users. 

According to Foodpanda and DFI’s survey, Singaporeans spend close to a full working day a month on grocery shopping. Through the partnership, customers can receive their groceries purchased online within an hour. This saves them not only time but also effort. 

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Foodpanda users can now shop for 20,000 grocery items combined from Cold Storage, CS Fresh, and Giant. All prices are the same as in-store.

To ensure quality products are delivered to customers, there will be Foodpanda-trained store pickers. Their main duty is to identify stale products and ensure that products have an expiry date of no less than seven days before they get packed, stored, and shipped.

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Image Credit: FoodPanda Singapore

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