Changi Airport Terminal 2 expected to handle 28 million passengers annually after reopening

The re-opening of Changi Airport Terminal 2 will come with an array of automated systems, new dining options, and expanded amenities, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) announced in a press release.

Operations in the terminal’s northern wing commenced on 28 September, with Terminal 2 geared for full reopening by the end of October. 

The improvement of Terminal 2 involved three and a half years of engineering efforts, including critical system enhancements and a building expansion that added 15,500 sq. m. to the structure.

This expansion project is set to increase Terminal 2’s capacity by an additional 5 million passengers per year, reaching a total of 28 million passengers annually. 

“This boost in capacity is timely as air travel in Changi Airport continues to recover. Passenger traffic at Changi Airport for August 2023 was about 87% of pre-COVID levels,” the statement added.

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Better service for customers

Terminal 2’s departure hall now hosts a central common-use Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) zone, featuring an increased number of automated check-in kiosks and bag drop machines, according to CAG. Furthermore, the immigration halls have been expanded to support additional automated immigration lanes.

Notably, Terminal 2 is the first within Changi Airport to introduce automated Special Assistance Lanes at both arrival and departure immigration points. CAG emphasised that critical systems and building equipment nearing the end of their operational lives were upgraded to more energy-efficient models.

Among these upgrades is a new chiller plant designed to deliver cooling with a 30% reduction in energy consumption. 

Additionally, two baggage belts at the baggage claim hall have been extended to accommodate higher bag volumes for wide-body aircraft. 

The terminal’s baggage handling system now boasts enhanced security features, and its early baggage storage system has transitioned from semi-automated to fully automated, enabling the storage of approximately 2,400 bags at any given time.

These improvements significantly enhance manpower productivity.

New Retail and Dining Options

Terminal 2 currently boasts a lineup of eight out of ten shops, including several newcomers to Changi, with more shops set to join in the coming weeks.

Local brand Swee Choon is now located in the public area of Terminal 2 and is introducing a new Hong Kong milk tea gelato developed in collaboration with local ice cream cafe Creamier.

Indonesian brand Kenangan Coffee is another addition to the terminal, offering the Kenangan Latte, which blends espresso and gula aren, a natural sweetener. 

Furthermore, Chagee, a premium tea brand featuring a curated selection of milk and fruit teas, has made its debut at the airport.

Familiar brands returning to the terminal’s public areas include Paris Baguette Bakery and traditional Chinese medicine retailer Eu Yan Sang. 

Meanwhile, the transit area welcomes newcomers like Korean chain GOPIZZA and Asian cuisine options such as Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu and Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun. 

Luxury Italian jeweller Pomellato is also present in the airport, as well as Old Seng Choong which is renowned for heritage recipes and baked goods.

Travellers passing through Terminal 2 can also enjoy culinary delights at the Gourmet Garden, where they can watch planes taxiing.

Enhanced Amenities

Improvements also extend to Terminal 2’s amenities, with the introduction of the 2 Bears Hideout for children and a new TV lounge in the transit area featuring a large LED screen.

“The design concept of T2 draws inspiration from nature. It incorporates natural materials in its wall cladding and flooring, complemented by lush green columns showcasing a distinctive array of plants,” explained CAG. 

“The terminal design creates a serene and soothing atmosphere for both passengers and visitors, fostering a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.”

“We commit to delivering exceptional customer service and look forward to taking the passenger experience to new heights with the refreshed T2,” stated Tan Lye Teck, CAG’s program director for the Terminal 2 Expansion Project.

Furthermore, more airlines will be operating in Terminal 2, growing from 12 to 16. 

Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines (for flights to Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka), and Swiss commenced operations from the northern wing on Thursday. 

Next month, Air Japan, All Nippon Airways, Etihad, Indigo, and Singapore Airlines flights to the Maldives and Nepal will also relocate to the terminal.

Terminal 2 underwent closure for upgrading works starting in May 2020. Initially intended for an 18-month suspension, the extension of the closure occurred due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Arrival operations resumed in May 2022 for arrivals and in October 2022 for departures to cater to an increasing number of passengers following the easing of international border restrictions earlier that year.

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