Changi Airport launches trial baggage tracker service

Singapore. Changi Airport launched a trial baggage tracker service on the iChangi app to make it easier for passengers to track their bags.

Upon checking in, passengers can scan the barcode or enter the number from their bag tag stub into the tracker. This will allow them to receive updates on their luggage during departure, arrival, and transfer, for up to three days provided that a passenger has enabled the notifications.

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Most checked-in bags are supported by the tracker, although some exceptions such as odd-sized bags, gate-checked bags, and limited-release tagged bags may not be supported.

For baggage transfers involving short connections (e.g. due to a delay in your inbound flight) or One-Stop Security transfer flights, the tracking of your luggage may not be available as it is handled directly by the airline you are travelling with. We recommend that you contact the airline directly for updates on the status of your bags.

The iChangi Baggage Tracker provides you with a comprehensive view of your bags’ journey through Changi Airport, combining data collected from airlines and the Changi Airport’s baggage system. This allows you to easily track your bags and get updates on their progress.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the iChangi Baggage Tracker helps to ensure that your bags make it to their final destination.

The iChangi Baggage Tracker is currently available to participating airlines.

How to use the trial baggage tracker?

To begin tracking your checked bag, simply open the iChangi app and scan or enter the unique bag tag number that was issued to you at the point of checking in. This number can be found on the sticker that was attached to your bag when you checked in.

Then, simply turn on your notifications and you’ll receive updates regarding the journey of your bags. With iChangi, you can travel worry-free knowing that you’re always up-to-date on your baggage status.

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