Changi Airport fees for departing passengers increase S$6.9

Passengers who are set to fly out of Changi Airport starting on 1 November will need to pay more fees and levies.

The current fee is S$35.40 in passenger service and security fee (PSSF), S$10.80 in airport development levy, and S$6.10 in aviation levy, which is a total of S$52.30.

This is set to increase to S$59.20, which covers the new passenger service and security fee of S$40.40, as well as the new aviation levy price of S$8.

A new price increase is set to roll out on 1 April 2023, and 1 April 2024.

“The Landing, Parking and Aerobridge (LPA) charges for all flights operating at Changi Airport will increase by 2 percent on Nov 1, 2022, and increase by another 1 percent each year on Apr 1, 2023, and Apr 1, 2024, as earlier announced,” according to the authorities.

man at Changi Airport Singapore

These increases were first announced in 2018 but were suspended due to the pandemic. This is the first price adjustment introduced since 2009 and is set to help the growth of aviation regulators’ functions as it cements the country’s position as a worldwide air hub today.

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“In addition to supporting CAG’s operations, the PSSF and LPA charges also go towards development plans and infrastructure upgrading of existing terminals which had continued throughout the pandemic.”

Last 13 September, Terminal 4 resumed operations. Meanwhile, Terminal 2 started its reopening on 29 May.

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