MAS releases new SSB

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) just revealed exciting news for investors with the introduction of the GX23110V Savings Bond, boasting an attractive annual average yield of 3.32%.

With a tenor stretching over a decade, this bond is set to get the attention of investors seeking a stable and long-term financial instrument. The offering has a total value of $1 billion.

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“The total amount issued may be less than the maximum amount offered if total eligible subscriptions are less than the maximum amount offered,” according to the statement.

This statement underlines the importance of early participation for those interested in securing a piece of this promising investment opportunity.

Individuals who want to participate in this bond offering should note that investment amounts start at a minimum of $500, and they must be made in multiples of $500. 

Additionally, the central bank has set a limit, capping the total amount of Savings Bonds any individual can hold at any given time to $200,000.

 The upcoming payment is scheduled for 1 May 2024, while the redemption and issuance date is set for 1 November 2023. This timeline ensures that investors have ample opportunity to plan their investments accordingly.

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