Car Plate Bidding 101

In Singapore, personalised car plates have become a common pursuit for car enthusiasts and people who want to add a unique touch to their vehicles. The process to acquire these one-of-a-kind car plates involves a fascinating system called car plate bidding. This comprehensive guide will let you in on what you need to do to secure a car plate that stands out from the rest.

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What Are VRNs In Singapore?

For identification purposes, all motorists in Singapore must have a Vehicle Registration Number on the front and back plates. Keep in mind that there’s no charge for a VRN given to you by the LTA.

If you want to bid for a unique VRN, you need to know that there are some VRNs that are set aside for government use.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Unique VRN In Singapore?

Are you still confused about whether or not you want to go through with the car plate bidding process? These reasons below might convince you to do it.

Personalisation and Identity

Acquiring a unique vehicle registration number allows car owners like you to personalise vehicles and make a distinct statement on the roads. It adds a touch of individuality and helps create a sense of identity. It’s also an incredible way to reflect your personal preferences, hobbies, and significant milestones through your car.

Exclusivity and Prestige

Owning a distinctive registration number sets the vehicle apart from others and adds an element of exclusivity. It can be seen as a symbol of prestige and sophistication by showcasing the owner’s attention to detail and willingness to invest in personalising their vehicle. 

Sentimental Value

Bidding for a unique vehicle registration number can hold significant sentimental value for car owners like you. It allows you to attach personal meaning to your vehicles, such as incorporating special dates, lucky numbers, or meaningful combinations. 

This sentimental attachment deepens the emotional connection to the car and creates a lasting bond that goes beyond mere practicality or aesthetics. It serves as a constant reminder of cherished memories, personal achievements, or loved ones, making the ownership experience more meaningful and heartfelt.

Memorability and Recognition

A unique registration number makes a vehicle more memorable and easily recognizable. This can be advantageous in various situations such as locating your parked vehicle in a crowded area. It’s also extremely helpful in allowing others to easily identify and remember the car in different contexts. 

Investment Value

In some cases, unique registration numbers hold investment potential. Certain rare or highly sought-after numbers can appreciate in value over time, presenting an opportunity for owners to potentially profit from their initial investment should they choose to sell the registration number in the future. 

Personal Attachment

Bidding for a specific registration number allows car owners to develop a personal attachment to their vehicle. It creates a sense of ownership and pride and fosters a stronger emotional connection that enhances your overall driving experience. 

Conversation Starter

A unique registration number often sparks curiosity and serves as a conversation starter among car enthusiasts and fellow road users. It can initiate interesting discussions and forge connections with others who share a passion for automobiles.

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How To Start Bidding For A Vehicle Registration Number

Here’s a step-by-step guide for car plate bidding in Singapore.

Check if your preferred VRN is available

Head over to this page and check if the VRN you want is available for car plate bidding. After confirming that no one is using that car plate number, you can begin the process of bidding.

Start bidding

To start car plate bidding, you need a minimum of S$1,000. All bids must also be in multiples of S$1. However, keep in mind that you need to pay more, especially if your preferred car plate number is popular or lucky, such as “888.” 

Car number bidding has two rounds – the weekly and the main bid. The weekly LTA number plate bidding is made up of leftover VRNs from the last bidding exercise. 

The main bid starts every Friday and ends on Wednesday. It is subject to public holidays. Meanwhile, the weekly bid begins on the first Friday after the end of the main bid. 

If you’re ready to start bidding, make sure to get your document ready before the formal bid starts. These include:

  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Registration Certificate No. if your car’s intended registered owner
  • NRIC No./FIN/Company/Business/Association
  • Your preferred Vehicle Registration Number (listed in order of preference) 
  • A valid Internet banking account with UOB, DBS/POSB, OCBC/Plus!, or Standard Chartered. 

If you’re making a digital transfer for the car plate bidding, you must increase the payment limit. For payments over S$50,000, you can pay through Cashier’s Order. You also need to pay a non-refundable S$18.19 service fee for every single bid. 

If you’ve completed bidding, you can check the results here. The payment for unsuccessful bids will be returned. If you paid through eNETS debit, your refund will be sent through the interbank GIRO account you wrote in your bid submission. If this fails, you will receive a cheque by post.

If you paid through Cashier’s Order for the car plate bidding, the bid envelope will be returned to you according to the preference you wrote in your online submission. You may also receive the refund through mail or get it at the LTA Customer Service Centre. 

Another Way To Get A Unique VRN

If you are unable to secure the VRN of your choice through LTA number bidding, there’s another way you can get it – through buying it from the open marketplace.

Sites such as Carousell, SGCarMart, CarPlate, and CarPlateMart all offer VRNs for car owners like you. However, prepare to pay a premium since you are buying the car plate number from someone who already bid on it on your behalf. 

Using Your VRN

Once you’ve secured your dream car plate number through SG car plate bidding, you can finally use it. Each VRN is valid for one year, starting from 12 pm on the day after the bidding results were announced. Keep in mind that it’s not allowed to transfer the VRN. It cannot be cancelled as well. 

There are two ways you can use it. First, ask your motor dealer to use it immediately when you register the vehicle. The second way is to log in with your Singpass here. Then, select “digital services,” and click “manage registered vehicle numbers.” From here, you can use your bid VRN to take the place of your existing car plate. Prepare to pay a S$321 fee. 

After this step, make sure you change your number plates on three calendar dates. If your VRN is still unused after it expires, it will be reassigned back to LTA. 

Extending Your VRN

Keep in mind that you can apply for a 6-month extension for your unused VRN before it expires. This costs S$1,000, plus a S$41.73 administrative fee. To do this, log in to your Singpass on One Motoring. Then, select “digital services” and click “extend vehicle number validity.”

A Word From OMY

VRN bidding for a unique vehicle registration number in Singapore offers car owners like you a remarkable opportunity to express individuality and create a lasting impression on the roads.

Whether it’s incorporating special dates, lucky numbers, or meaningful combinations, these personalised plates become a reflection of your identity, values, and cherished memories. That said, embrace the excitement and possibilities that car plate bidding offers and make your mark on the road with a unique vehicle registration number in Singapore that truly represents you.

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