Want to Use Robo-Advisors? Here Are the Best Services to Try

Did you promise yourself you would invest this year but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Not everyone has the time to develop their financial savviness, but that shouldn’t stop you from building your wealth. One of the most practical ways you can make smart investments is through the best robo advisor in Singapore.

Whether you’ve been investing for a long time or not, the best robo advisor in Singapore can help you make this job easier.

That said, finding the ultimate robo advisor in Singapore can be challenging. This is why OMY Singapore researched the top platforms in the country to help you find the cream of the crop.

Here at OMY Singapore, you will discover the following:

What Is A Robo Advisor?

Robo advisors are investment platforms that help every kind of investor achieve their financial goals.

When you sign up on this platform, you need to input your risk appetite and goals, and using algorithms, your robo investing platform of choice will help you craft the best investment portfolio.

Aside from helping you make investments, the best robo advisor in Singapore will also let you monitor your portfolio in real time, as well as rebalance it if needed.

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Best Robo Advisor In Singapore: Our Top Picks

Wondering what our favourite robo advisors in Singapore are? Check out our list below.


Annual fees:

First S$25,000 0.80%
Additional amount S$25,000 to S$50,000 0.70%
Additional amount S$50,000 to S$100,000 0.60%
Additional amount S$100,000 to S$250,000 0.50%
Additional amount S$250,000 to S$500,000 0.40%
Additional amount S$500,000 to S$1 million 0.30%
Above S$1 million 0.20%

If you plan on investing a lot of money, or you have a long investment horizon, StashAway is one of the best services for you.

Here, you can invest as much as S$1,000,000 and enjoy low fees. It also does not charge for transfers, withdrawals, or account closure. Don’t plan on investing much? Not to worry. This robo advisor doesn’t require a minimum account balance.

This Singapore best robo advisor uses a top-notch algorithm that adapts to constantly changing economic trends. With StashAway, you can also easily adjust your portfolio based on your available funds, risk appetite, and other factors.

This platform offers thematic portfolios which is a long-term product that lets you invest in what you think can change the world while keeping risk at a minimum. Some of the areas you can invest in include Biotech, AI, and blockchain, among many others.


Annual fees:

First S$50,000 0.75%
Next S$50,000 0.70%
Next S$100,000 0.60%
Next S$800,000 0.55%
Above S$1 million 0.45%

This platform can help you reach your life goals in the easiest way possible. It is perfect for individuals who want to have an exchange-traded funds portfolio that is powered by a smart investment engine, as well as the best asset managers in the industry.

SaxoWealthCare helps investors like you improve their portfolios by taking into consideration active portfolio management and personalization.

It is backed by a sophisticated algorithm and setup that gives you three trading styles.

The first one is Global Growth for those who want to take advantage of growth sectors. Next is Asian growth for those who want to invest in growing companies in the region. Finally, its Sustainable Growth trading style is great for socially conscious investors.

Squirrel Save

Annual fees: 0.5% (special fee will apply on request for those who have AUM over S$500,000)

As its name suggests, this best robo advisor in Singapore is the ultimate choice for younger or first-time investors who want to start small. With a minimum investment of only S$1, you can finally take charge of your future. That said, the platform recommends at least S$15,000 for maximum returns.

This robo-advisor is one of the oldest platforms in the country. It solely uses machine learning AI to create the best portfolios for its clients. SquirrelSave allows you to easily rebalance your portfolio based on its AI’s learnings. As a testament to how reliable and trusted this platform is, it is backed by Pacific Century Group, which owns PCCW Limited and FWD.

DBS Digi Portfolio

Annual fees:

Global Portfolio Global Portfolio Plus
Under S$10,000 0.75% 0.85%
Next S$40,000 0.75% 0.80%
Over S$100,000 0.75% 0.75%

If you want to stick to a best robo advisor in Singapore by a bank, this is one of the top choices for you.

DBS Digi Portfolio offers low management fees, especially for amounts less than S$50,000. This makes it perfect for those that are still starting their journey in the world of investing. While this platform’s fees may be more affordable compared to other bank-backed robo advisors, it still pales in comparison to other platforms in this article.


Annual fees:

Core, Satellite, Income

CPF, SRS 0.40%
Cash 0.25% to 0.60%

Fund Smart

Single Fund (cash, CPF, SRS) 0.30%
Multi-fund Same as core, satellite, income
Short-term cash management portfolio Same as cash smart

Cash Smart

Cash, SRS 0.05%

With this robo advisor, you can invest your CPF OA funds at a flat rate of 0.4% per annum. The same rate also applies to SRS funds. This platform also features a CPF calculator where you can input your age, CPF account balance, salary, and desired retirement age and income. From here, this calculator will help you with how you can let your CPF funds grow across different stages in your life.

Endowus also lets you invest with passive asset allocations through funds that are actively managed. This is called Dimensional Funds. Instead of tracking indexes, this makes its portfolio using research-based factors such as profitability and value.

Aside from that, this best robo advisor in Singapore allows you to curate your portfolio with its Endowus Fund Smart. If you prefer this investing method, you can choose up to eight funds. This can be multi-asset funds, equity, or fixed income.

Not only that, but this robo advisor in Singapore also has a cash management service called Endowus Cash Smart. This offers returns between 0.7% to 2.1% per annum, depending on your choice of account.

Despite all these benefits, Endowus has a high minimum investment amount of S$1,000. Top-ups can be made starting at S$100.


Annual fees:

Blue tier (no minimum investment) 0.65%
Black tier (minimum S$20,000) 0.5%
Gold tier (minimum S$100,000) 0.4%
Private wealth (minimum S$500,000) 0.35%

Among all platforms in Singapore, Syfe stands out because of its wide range of preset portfolios you can choose from. Each of its seven choices is designed to achieve your investment goals, whether this is your first investment or not.

This best robo advisor in Singapore allows you to be exposed to Singapore real estate through its REIT portfolio that tracks the top REITs in the country. This is a huge advantage especially because many investors find it hard to gain exposure to indexes like the SGX iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index.

Syfe also boasts factor-based equity portfolios. Its Equity100 portfolio is made up of 10 ETFs that are weighed across three factors. This platform also has a Syfe Core portfolio that is designed to help you maximise long-term risk. This features 18 ETFs across bonds, stocks, and gold.

Not only that but this robo investor in Singapore features a cash management account that has projected returns of up to 1.5% per annum. Meanwhile, the Syfe Select Themes allows you to invest in global income, healthcare innovation, and disruptive technology, among many others.

OCBC Roboinvest

Annual fee: 0.88%

This best robo advisor in Singapore offers 36 portfolios across six markets, and more thematic portfolios are being added constantly. OCBC Roboinvest portfolios are centred on various sectors and industries, with different goals and purposes so it’s truly an amazing option for investors who prefer thematic investing. Some of its portfolios include Gen-Z Winners, China Growth, and Impact investing.

This robo investor in Singapore also publishes portfolio performance that includes the full list of constituents. For instance, Gen Z Winners includes ETFs such as VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports, as well as ARK Next Generation Internet.

That said, one of the things we should highlight in this OCBC Roboinvest review is that it’s not affordable. With OCBC Roboinvest, you can also invest for as low as S$100.

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A Word From OMY

Putting your hard-earned money in the best robo advisor in Singapore is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you’re a beginner. Because the platforms mentioned above are regulated by MAS, they go to great lengths to ensure your money stays secure. Now that you know the ultimate robo financial advisors in the country, you can finally sign up and start your journey in the world of investing.

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