Buying Your Dream Bike? Check Out These Best Motorcycle Dealers

Finding a motorcycle dealer who knows your needs is essential. The best Singapore motorcycle dealers have a wide selection of brands and models for riders of all tastes and budgets. They sell standard bikes, sportbikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, scooters and many others.

Moreover, motorcycle dealers prioritise customer service and can go above and beyond. They make motorcycle buying easy by helping you choose, giving test rides, and offering after-sales service. 

The top motorbike dealers in Singapore also have skilled and experienced staff that can advise and guide you. They can assist you in choosing a motorcycle that suits your riding style by explaining performance, safety, and maintenance. 

Moreover, they offer finance, insurance, and warranties in addition to their wide selection of motorcycles and excellent customer service. To provide a worry-free motorbike ownership experience, they cover all factors. 

Furthermore, they have something for everyone, from commuters searching for a reliable vehicle to adrenaline junkies looking for a thrill. They provide excellent items, service, and a smooth buying process. 

In the following sections, we will examine some of Singapore’s top motorcycle dealers. Choose a trustworthy dealer to start your motorcycle journey with confidence. 

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Motorcycle in Singapore

Before buying a motorcycle, here are some factors worth considering:

1. Do you have the right motorcycle licence? 

A Class 2B licence is necessary to ride motorcycles under 200 cc. A Class 2A is a licence required to ride 201–400 cc bikes. Before getting the Class 2A licence, you must possess the Class 2B licence for a year. While a Class 2 licence is required to ride motorcycles over 400 cc. The Class 2 licence requires a year of Class 2A licence. 

2. Can you afford the ride? 

The cost difference is one reason many people prefer to buy motorcycles instead of cars. In Singapore, motorcycle COEs cost $10,709 while car COEs cost about $103,731. Other than that, you need to consider the cost of the motorcycle, the interest on the loan (if you get it with financing), road tax, bike lessons, motorcycle insurance, maintenance, parking, ERP and petrol.  

While motorcycles are much cheaper than owning a car, you still need to check your current financial situation. Can you afford a motorcycle, by considering all the cost attached to it?

3. Lifestyle and Usage 

Do you often travel by motorcycle? Will you let your partner/friends/family ride on it? Do you frequently drink out? Consider how often you will use the motorcycle and whether its usage is worth the expense and road risk.   

4. Family Approval 

Your loved ones may not support your motorcycle-riding goal. Your family and partner may object because they think riding it is risky. Consult them before getting one. 

5. Choosing the right motorcycle or motorbike for you 

Understanding your motorcycle’s purpose might help you choose among the many types and sizes available. A big motorcycle may not be practical for daily travel. A sports bike may not be the ideal choice if you want to ride your teen to school. Design, size, and fuel should influence your choice. 

Choosing the appropriate bike demands serious thinking. Many people prefer to buy a new motorcycle, but for beginner riders, it may not be the most cost-effective option. However, used bikes may be more expensive to repair and maintain.

Therefore, you must analyse your options carefully and consider the economic implications before making a decision. 

6. Securing motorcycle insurance coverage 

Finally, getting motorbike insurance is crucial. As this is required for motorcycle ownership.

No matter how defensive you are, other cyclists and vehicles can be careless. Motorcycle insurance protects you and your motorbike. It will protect your motorcycles from theft, damage, and medical expenditures in the event of an accident.  

Where to Buy Motorcycle in Singapore? Top Motorcycle Dealers in Singapore

1. Gusto 2 Wheels Pte. Ltd.

Gusto 2 Wheels is Singapore’s top motorcycle dealer, with wide selection of bikes with zero-down payment option, so you can buy your dream bike.  

Moreover, they have speedy loan approval procedure lets you receive your motorbike fast.  

Gusto 2 Wheels also specialise in high trade-ins. They provide breakdown costs for your existing motorbike to help you upgrade at the greatest price. Their specialists will evaluate your trade-in and provide a fair and competitive price to make upgrading even more affordable. 

Workshops are also available for any maintenance and service requirements. They have expert motorcycle mechanics to keep your bike in excellent shape. 

Furthermore, Gusto 2 Wheels offers several accessories to customise your ride. They sell high-quality helmets, riding gear, and performance upgrades. 

They prioritise pre- and post-sales assistance. Their experienced team will guide you through your motorbike purchase. Gusto Wheels strives to provide excellent services to their customers. 

Name Gusto 2 Wheels Pte. Ltd.
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “My son received the best customer service from the boss himself when he bought his bike….very satisfied with their overall service!”
Location 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #01-73, Singapore 417800
Phone Number +65 9248 2328

2. SS Motoring Pte. Ltd.

SS Motoring is a one-stop motorcycle dealers providing wide array of motorcycle such as sport bikes, cruisers, adventure bikes and many more. 

They value cost without sacrificing quality. They provide bikes that are affordable with excellent quality and features.  Also, transparency distinguished SS Motoring. There are no hidden costs when you buy a motorcycle.  

Moreover, SS Motoring have friendly sales assistant that can help you answer your queries and give you a recommendation of an ideal bike. 

To assist you in buying your dream bike when you are short in budget, SS Motoring provides convenient in-house loans with fast approval.  

SS Motoring makes motorcycle ownership more affordable as it offers low-interest rates and low- insurance rates. 

Also, SS Motoring excelled in after-sales assistance.  They provide free service, showing dedication to the durability and performance of their bikes. They skilled and experienced service staffs will deliver top-notch maintenance and repairs 

Name SS Motoring Pte. Ltd.
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review Excellent service, friendly staff and boss, been with SS motoring since my sym gts 200 days. Highly recommended and trustworthy. Would always discuss with you first on the steps n alternative solutions. Accept online payment too.” 
Location 1084 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328186 
Phone Number +65 9770 7875 

3. Unique Motorsports Pte. Ltd.

Unique Motorsports Pte. Ltd., founded in 2006, is a respected motorcycle dealership run by a team of motorcycle enthusiasts. They specialise in motorcycle repairs, maintenance, accessories, and high-end upgrade components. 

Unique Motorsports’ accessories obtained from US and European vendors, set them apart.  These accessories are carefully selected ensuring that customers can obtain high-quality, durable, and safe accessories.  

Moreover, they are known for prioritising customer service. They go above and above to satisfy customers by resolving complaints, offering professional advise, or meeting unique requirements. 

Unique Motorsports Pte. Ltd. is the perfect dealership for motorbike enthusiast looking for a wide selection of services, high-quality accessories, and customer support. 

 They are trusted because of their  expertise, attention to client satisfaction, and commitment to offering the best accessories and services. 

Name Unique Motorsports Pte. Ltd.
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “Bike servicing was super fast, staff are very friendly and they also helped to do few small tasks, free of any charge. Give right advise. Deserve nothing less than 5 stars.”
Location 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-54 Autobay , Singapore 417883
Phone Number +65 6844 6378 

4. Yew Heng Motorsports

Yew Heng Motorsports is a reputable motorcycle dealer in Singapore known for its wide variety of bikes, services and client satisfaction. Yew Heng Motorsports offers new/used bikes, refinancing, after-sales services and repair for bikes.  

Yew Heng Motorsports sells new and secondhand motorcycles. They have the newest models and pre-owned bikes to suit your style and budgets. Their expert sales staff helps clients discover the right bike for their riding style and needs. 

Moreover, they make bike ownership easier for their consumers with low costs and favourable conditions through refinancing.  

Furthermore, they provide thorough after-sales maintenance and repairs since they know they’re essential to a good ownership experience. Their professionals and service staff can handle many maintenance and repair requirements. Yew Heng Motorsports maintains motorcycles with regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and significant repairs. 

They also educate their consumers on bike maintenance. Their team shares vital insights and recommendations to help riders maintain their bikes and ride safely. 

Yew Heng Motorsports honours its founders by focusing on customer service. They prioritise long-term client relationships and great service. The whole transportation business is customer-centric, demonstrating their dedication to excellent service and trust. 

Name Yew Heng Motorsports
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review YHM is the most fun and friendly motorcycle dealer in Singapore. They buy, sell and service all types of motorcycles big and small. Mechanics and sales persons alike are friendly and honest on how to tune up and maintain your ride. They sometimes organize fun open houses and overseas rides! 
Location 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #01-32/33, Singapore 417800 
Phone Number +65 6242 9097 


PITMOTO, a motorbike dealer and service centre, convenieltly located in the Northside of Singapore.  

They offer a large selection of bikes with the newest models and features. They also sell pre-owned motorcycles for budget-conscious buyers. 

Moreover, they provide servicing and maintenance. Their professional mechanics maintain your bike and keep it functioning smoothly. 

Pit Moto goes the additional mile to assist you with your refinancing needs. They provide many financing options and work with you to set up a monthly payment plan that fits your budget. 

To provide customers with comprehensive support, PITMOTO also assist in finding the right insurance coverage for better protection. Moreover, their friendly staff can help you with insurance claims. 

PITMOTOO towing services are available 24/7 for motorbike breakdowns and accidents. 

Pit Moto is simply a place to go whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider. Pit Moto’s pleasant and experienced staff, extensive services, and dedication to customer satisfaction help you locate the right motorcycle. 

Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review Very pleasant transaction. Fauzan and the rest of the team are so very professional in handling their clients. They are very transparent with the transactions and most certainly very patience. Kudos to team PITMOTO! Keep up the good work! Highly and strongly recommended local bikeshop if you are looking in to buying motorbikes. Thank you team PITMOTO!
Location 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, #01-12, Singapore 757048
Phone Number +65 6909 9876

6. S1 Motoring

S.1 Motoring, a trusted Singaporean motorbike dealer, prioritises client satisfaction throughout the purchase process. They provide a variety of services and features to give motorcyclists a great experience. 

S.1 Motoring sells new and secondhand bikes. Biker may discover their dream bike, whether they want the newest models or budget-friendly selections. 

Moreover, they offer flexible, fast-approval motorbike loans. Customers may get financing swiftly and ride off with their new motorbike with low interest rates and low or no down payment making owning a motorcycle easier. 

As they are dedicated to improve client satisfaction, they provide valuable freebies with your motorcycle purchase,  

Also, S.1 Motoring pays well for motorbike trade-ins. A fair and open assessment procedure helps consumers obtain the most for their trade-in, decreasing the cost of upgrading to a new motorbike. 

To safeguard your dream bike, their expert team helps consumers with their insurance purchase. When it comes to accident and damage, their team can also help with the insurance claim procedure.  

S.1 Motoring also tows bikes in emergencies and breakdowns. Their competent and skilled personnel can manage such scenarios, reassuring clients. 

Furthermore, they provide repair and service for continuing support. Customers can rely service quality with qualified personnel and modern facilities. Warranty coverage adds client protection and confidence. 

S.1 Motoring is a valued partner for motorcyclists, providing outstanding value and assistance throughout their motorbike ownership experience. 

Name S.1 Motoring
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “Went to buy my bike from them for a reasonable price. The salesman David was very accommodating and made the process smooth and easy. He also answered my queries very promptly. The shop serviced the bike and did some touch up to ensure the bike was in a rideable condition before I took over. Will recommend!” 
Location 3006 Ubi Rd 1, #01-366, Singapore 408700
Phone Number +65 6749 9535

7. M1 Motoring

M1 Motoring is a leading Singapore motorcycle dealership, located on Changi Road. They aim to provide every rider a great experience with their many sub-branches. 

They want to make motorcycles more affordable. Customers may buy their ideal car with no down payment (subject to Terms & Conditions). M1 Motoring offers low-interest rates and fast loan approval, making borrowing easy and affordable. They provide flexible loan options even to customers with bad credit. 

Moreover, they have same-day pickup to ensure a smooth process. Customers may take their new bike home the same day. 

M1 Motoring welcomes trade-ins. They provide fair and honest trade-in assessments to help consumers afford a new motorbike by maximising trade-in value. 

When it comes to prices of motorcycles, they ensure that there are no hidden fees. They explain prices in detail so clients may make educated judgements. They provide free phone or private message estimates to let consumers acquire information without commitment. 

Their after-sales assistance includes free maintenance to keep clients’ bikes in top shape.  

Name M1 Motoring
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “Recommended shop to buy, sell your bike, friendly service, feel like home. Good deals. Thank you to ary and Xiao Long for the help. Smooth deal. Thank you so much.” 
Location 411 CHANGI ROAD, Singapore 
Phone Number +65 6266 7030 

8. Bike Asia Motto

If you’re seeking for a new ride or looking for a dream bike, another top motorcycle dealer that you may one to consider is Bike Asia Moto. They provide a wide range of motorcycles ideal for your style and budget.  

They make owning a motorcycle is easy and affordable with it 0% down payment option, cheap interest rates and fast loan approval. They have various financing options, even those with bad credit customers can apply.  

Bike Asia Motto values openness and honesty. They will provide a price breakdown to ensure you that there are no hidden fees. You may call their friendly staff for further information or get a free quote. 

Furthermore, they provide warranty coverage for unforeseen breakdown or failure.  

If you are planning to buy a new bike, make sure to check their Facebook page for exciting deals.  

Name Bike Asia Motto
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “Highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase a bike. Good discount was given, including freebies like rain coat and helmet. Ease of process. Speed of delivery. Constant updates. Staff service is friendly and efficient. Thank you Ivan! Do look for Ivan when you’re there.” 
Location 3006 Ubi Road 1, #01-366, Singapore 408700
Phone Number +65 6749 9535

9. Yishun Motoring

Yishun Motoring, another leading motorcycle dealer in Singapore selling new and used bikes.  

They offer no-gimmick, no-hidden-cost service. They are transparent about all charges during the purchase process.  

Moreover, they make purchasing your dream motorbike possible with $0 down payment and no minimum down payment. 

When it comes to financing, it provides flexible and fast loan approval. Making sure that you can easily get your dream bike. They let you pick a repayment plan that fits your finances with loan terms up to 7 years.   

Furthermore, they let you pick from installment plans through Giro, PayNow, or cash.  

Yishun Motoring provides services beyond the purchase. They can help you with your insurance and road tax renewal keep your motorbike roadworthy and legal.  

Yishun Motoring promises honesty, openness, and great service. Yishun Motoring’s wide selection of new and pre-owned bikes, easy financing, excellent customer service make it Singapore’s top motorbike dealer. 

Name Yishun Motoring 
Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “Great staff, they helped me pick out my first bike. Fuss free and really quick process altogether buying a bike from them. Thanks to Jin in particular. He was really helpful arranging everything.” 
Location Yishun Industrial Park A, #01-386 BLK 1019, Singapore 768761
Phone Number +65 6232 7992


MOTTO MOTTO, a top motorcycle dealer in Singapore, offers a wide range of motorcycles to suit users’ demands. They sell high-quality bikes from Royal Alloy, Royal Enfield, CFMOTO, Mv Agusta, Brixton bikes, and Lambretta as the authorised dealer. 

They are chosen by customer for several reasons. First, they provide cheap interest rates to finance your dream bike. They approve loans quickly so you can go on the road quickly. They offer numerous financing solutions to fit your financial condition. 

MOTTO MOTTO believes that credit history shouldn’t stop someone from buying a motorbike. Thus, they welcome customers with bad credit, giving financing solutions and the chance to ride. 

Moreover, they accept trade-ins, making it easy to upgrade to a new motorbike while saving money.  

They provide a straightforward buying experience with no hidden fees, so you know the price. MOTTO breaks down costs to help you choose. 

For added convenience, they offer free quotes. Their staffs are ready to help you and offer all the information you need to make the right decision. You may call them or contact us through their Facebook page. 

Another great news is that they provide their customers with freebies. These extras ensure you get a great bike and a better ownership experience. 

MOTTO MOTTO helps you discover the ideal bike and provides excellent service whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out. 

Best For Motorcycle Dealership 
Featured Review “Will definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a new motorbike from any of the more obscure manufacturers. 
Bought my Royal Enfield Meteor 350 from Gerald. Started off as a message on carousell, and one thing to led to another, there I was at the Royal Enfield showroom at Ubi where Gerald and Nakaromi explained everything I needed/wanted to know about the bike. They even let me test ride one. 
The paperwork was painless. I had the bike within 3 days of signing the papers. The location of Motto Moto’s dealership is great too, just a stone’s throw from Boon Keng MRT.” 
Location 1080/1082 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328183
Phone Number +65 8188 2357 

A Word From OMY 

Singapore has several top-notch motorcycle dealers. Gusto 2 Wheels, SS Motoring, Unique Motorsports, Yew Heng Motorsports, PITMOTO, S1 Motoring, M1 Motoring, Bike Asia Motto, Yishun Motoring, and Motto Motto are among the top bike dealers. 

These dealers provide a wide variety of motorcycles for different riding styles. They provide new and pre-owned bikes for any rider. These dealerships may sell strong cruisers, sport motorcycles, attractive scooters and more. 

These motorcycle dealers are also promising because of other features. They provide low-interest rates, rapid loan approval, and flexible financing to make buying your ideal bike easy and cheap. With their flexible financing options, anyone can buy a motorcycle, even with bad credit.  

Moreover, they can help you with insurance and road tax renewal.  

Are you ready to get your dream bike? Contact them for free quotes, experienced guidance, and exceptional customer service, so you can get the best choice. 

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