Want To Get More Fit And Healthy? Here Are The Best (And Most Affordable!) Gyms

Whether you’re a newbie to exercising, or you want to sever ties with your current gym, finding the best gym is crucial to sticking to a consistent exercise routine.

Unfortunately, many Singapore gyms are notorious for being expensive. Luckily, there are tons of gyms around that are worth your investment. The best gyms in Singapore fits your preferences, needs, and budget perfectly. They offer tons of variety when it comes to fitness classes, safe and modern equipment, and lastly, there are trainers to guide you through your fitness routine. Some gyms even have additional perks such as saunas, jacuzzis, swimming pools, and courts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the ultimate gyms in Singapore, as well as features to consider before signing up for a membership

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What To Consider When Joining A Gym

best gym in singapore

Before deciding what gym membership to buy, here are some things to think about.

Quality Of Facility

The first thing to consider is the quality of the facilities in the gym. Does the gym have the right equipment for the type of workout or exercise you want? What classes do they offer for newbies? Can they cater to advanced fitness levels?

In your effort to search for the best gyms, you’ll notice that some are well-equipped with the latest machines, while others are a bit more dated. Make sure to watch out for broken equipment or things not working right.

Another thing you should consider is the cleanliness of the gym. The gym should be clean, tidy, and well-lit at all times. During your initial gym visit, do not be afraid to ask the staff about how they maintain cleanliness in the gym.

Training Options

Whether you have an interest in bodybuilding, powerlifting, endurance training, weight loss, or just general fitness, you should look at the training options each gym offers.

It is very unlikely that a single gym can cater to the needs of all people equally. What’s more, is that not all gyms offer training options for all workouts you’re interested in. Find out what options are available for you first before signing a contract.

Many gyms offer cardio and weight training classes, too. These can be very worthwhile, as long as they are taught by a qualified instructor.

Additionally, look at the training options. Do trainers offer one-on-one personal training? Are there personal trainers available in the gym? Do you like the trainers you will be working with?

If you are not in great shape yet, you may find it beneficial to have an experienced trainer to help you get started.

Staff Credentials

Before you join any gym, check the credentials of the staff. For example, personal trainers have a certification of some kind that shows they’ve been trained. Check to see if the gym has a trainer you feel comfortable with.

Check on the gym’s staff members, too. Are they familiar with the machines? Are they able to give you proper advice?

Gym staff should be polite and friendly at all times, and they should have the initiative to give you the information you need and help you with your training.

Gym Operating Hours

Find out what hours the gym is open. Do they open very early in the morning? This way, you can squeeze a workout before going to work. Some gyms open until late evening to allow people to work out after their day job.

Also ask if it’s closed on weekends, holidays or during special times of the year. Another thing to consider is if the gym offers 24-hour access. If you have a very busy schedule, this may be the more convenient option for you. Keep in mind that most gyms charge customers to gain access to a key to use at night.


Some gyms allow you to have a personal trainer to design a program that takes into consideration your overall health, training goals, and interests. In this situation, fees will vary depending on what you need.

You can also join a gym and use their pre-designed workout programs without a trainer. Of course, this may not be as effective as having an experienced personal trainer by your side at all times.

Membership Options

When you choose a gym, you will be given several membership options. Each gym membership Singapore will determine how much you pay for your membership and for how long you will be a member of the gym.

If you plan to go to the gym often, you should look at what each membership offers to see if it is within your budget.

Some gyms have different monthly or yearly rates, which is the best option if you want to save money. However, it may not be worth it if you are going to cancel the membership after only a few months. You will likely want to spend more if you want a shorter-term membership. Thankfully, there are tons of affordable gyms that offer a per entry rate.


Look for gyms located in areas you frequent, as well as near you. If you work in different parts of the city, you may have to go to different locations during the week. If you are working from home, you will want to find a gym close to your area.

Overall Value

The cheapest gym isn’t always the best. You have to think about the overall value you’re getting for what you’re paying. For example, does the gym have sufficient equipment for you to use? Do you need to wait to access equipment? Does the gym have an attractive location? If you have a trainer, are they good at what they do?

Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour of the facility or free/discounted sessions before signing any contracts so you will know what you’re getting yourself into. The last thing you want is to pay for an annual membership only to find out you don’t like your gym after your first session.


Gyms vary when it comes to their environment. Some are very busy while others are more laid-back and quiet. The atmosphere you prefer can make a difference in how hard you work and how much you enjoy your workout.

If you want to learn new exercises and techniques, you may want to join a larger gym where there are more trainers and more types of equipment. Larger gyms may also have more specialty classes, like spinning or yoga.

A smaller, more intimate gym may give you a more personal workout, where you can enjoy one-on-one training from the trainer instead of a group class setting.

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The Best Affordable Gyms In Singapore

Here are some of the gyms in Singapore worth considering. Don’t have time? Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the best gyms in Singapore.

Gym Most affordable package Operating hours
Anytime Fitness Starts at S$90 per month 24/7
Gymmboxx S$65 for 12 months (off-peak, 9:00am to 4:00pm, and 11:00pm to 7:00am)

More rates are available here 

Safra EnergyOne S$85 per month for term daylighter

More rates are available here

6:30am to 10:30pm
ActiveSG Starts at S$1.50 for the entry fee

More rates are available here

7:00 am to 10:00pm/10:30pm
The Gym Pod Starts at S$4.50 per entry 24/7
Dennis Gym S$64 per month for 12 months

More rates are available here 

iGym S$6 per entry 24/7
24x Fitness S$84.53 per month for 18 months 24/7
Virgin Active S$30/week for one class per week

More rates are available here

6:30 am to 10:30 pm
Extreme Fitness S$85/month for 18 months

More rates are available here


Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Singapore

The price starts at: S$90 per month

Operating hours: 24/7

With 85 gyms in Singapore and over 5,000 gyms worldwide, Anytime Fitness tops our list of the best gyms in Singapore. Surely, you can find a gym near me. Although anytime fitness membership fees are not the most affordable, they will grant you 24/7 access to its facilities. This is extremely important for busy people.

Because this gym is one of the biggest gym franchises in Singapore and all over the world, expect the price and quality of the gym greatly vary from one branch to another. For example, there may be gyms that are smaller and lacking in equipment, and there may also be other gyms such as the Anytime Fitness Orchard and Anytime Fitness Buona Vista that are bigger and offer more equipment, have more trainers, and have workout programs.

Generally, Anytime Fitness gyms have strength/free weights, circuit/selectorized equipment, squat racks, plate loaded, barbells, dumbbells, battle ropes, and many more. They also cater to fitness assessments, personal trainers, small group training, and specialised classes.

Try Anytime Fitness for free using this link



Starts at: S$65 per month for 12 months (off-peak)

Operating hours: 24/7

With 8 locations across Singapore, Gymmboxx is another gym worth considering. This establishment has made its mark as one of the country’s most affordable premium gym brands.

Although 1-month membership plans can go as much as S$120 for regular and S$110 for off-peak packages, you have the option to save as much as 50% off if you sign up for a 12-month contract, valued at S$65 for off-peak, and S$82 for regular. Gymmboxx also offers 6-month plans.

Personal training at Gymmboxx starts at S$86 per session. Its per entry fee is suspended until further notice so if you are interested to sign up for a membership, ask the staff if you can tour the area first. Sign-ups can only be done at the outlets.

Click here for more information about Gymmboxx.

Safra EnergyOne

Safra EnergyOne

Starts at: S$85 per month for term daylighter

Operating hours: 6:30am to 10:30pm

With several accolades proving its status as one of the best gyms in Singapore, Safra EnergyOne Gym is one of the best choices for individuals who want to prioritise working out in an uncrowded location, and have access to topnotch equipment like saunas and steam rooms.

They currently have an ongoing promotion for new sign-ups valid until 30 September. You can get their Silver Main membership for S$60 per month for 9 months, and S$37.10 per month for the 3 extra months after. Know more about it here. Entry rates start at S$8.55 for off-peak hours for SAFRA Members and S$12.85 for guests.

Some of the facilities and amenities offered by Safra EnergyOne include cardio machines, resistance training machines, free weights, a warm Jacuzzi (some may not be operational based on their website), a swimming pool, changing rooms, lockers and showers, and many more. This gym chain has six locations around the island.

Safra EnergyOne also offers personal training which is perfect for individuals who are new to exercise, or those who have not done workouts in a long time.

Click here for more information about this gym.



Starts at: S$1.50 per entry

Operating hours: 7:00 am to 10:00pm/10:30pm

Spearheaded by Sport Singapore, this public gym is one of the cheapest yet most practical gyms in the country. Keep in mind that the locations are quite crowded at peak times so you may have to wait to use some equipment such as free weights and benches. This won’t be too much of a problem for people with a flexible schedule who can visit the gym during off-peak hours.

Of all gyms in Singapore, it also offers the most affordable per entry rate. Students and senior citizens only need to pay S$1.50 per entry, Singaporeans and PRs will be charged S$2.50, and others will be charged S$3.30.

This gym also offers a bunch of activity options such as badminton, volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and many more, for a certain fee.

For more information about ActiveSG, click here.

The Gym Pod

The Gym Pod

Starts at: S$4.50 per entry

Operating hours: 24/7

With over 25 locations in Singapore, the Gym Pod is slowly cementing itself as one of the coolest gyms on the island. It follows a “container gym” concept where each pod offers a squat rack, treadmill, and free weights. There are also designated pods like the rumble pod, grit pod, flow pod, and spin pod that are designed for various activities.

With this gym, you are charged per session. It is also fully automated which is great for individuals who already have a background in working out. This gym comes with a convenient app where you can schedule your session. They have a current promo geared towards first-timers. Simply download the app to receive a special 50% off code. Valid until further notice.

Know more about The Gym Pod here.

Dennis Gym

Dennis Gym

Starts at: S$64/month for 12 months

Operating hours: 24/7

This best gym in Singapore is owned by Dennis Tew, the former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation Coach. It has five locations around Singapore. This gym’s highlight is their training services which start at S$999 for 3 months, but they also have tons of strength-building equipment that you can use.

This gym prides itself in its recreational environment and new equipment that is built on scientific and mechanical foundations. Their fitness specialists are top national athletes and body-building champion achievers. This gym is a must-consider you want to start your journey in the world of bodybuilding.



Starts at: S$6 per entry

Operating hours: 24/7

Another affordable gym you will love is iGym. This establishment only charges S$6 for your first hour and S$0.50 for the next 30 minutes. If you stay for more than four hours, the rate will return to the 1st-hour charge.

The only disadvantage of this gym is its two locations in Bishan and Serangoon so if you don’t live in the areas, passing up on this gym may be a better choice. To access the gym, simply download the app and top up funds to your mobile wallet.

iGym boasts a designated cardio area, functional workout area, and resistance training area.

Click here for more information.

24x Fitness

24x Fitness

Starts at: S$84.53/month for 18 months

Operating hours: 24/7

24xFitness is an incredible choice for people who are intimidated by working out since they have a dedicated group of staff and trainers that will educate you about fitness.

Aside from newbies, athletes and competitive bodybuilders who want to push their limits are also welcome in this gym. Unfortunately, this gym only has two locations, namely in Paya Lebar and Bugis.

Know more about 24xFitness here.

Virgin Active

Virgin Active

Starts at: S$30/week for one class per week

Operating hours: 6:30 am to 10:30 pm

Virgin Active Singapore’s approach to fitness is a little different. This establishment highlights exercise experiences crafted by experts to enable you to hit your fitness goals and feel good at the same time. Whether you want to try HIIT, pilates, cycling, grid training, les mills, body pumping, or yoga, you’ll find amazing classes here.

This gym has seven locations around Singapore, and classes are held on a scheduled basis. There is no joining fee. Prices depend on the location, but it usually starts at S$30 for once-a-week workouts. Their best plan for value is called “long-termer” at S$53 per week for a minimum of 12 months

You can sign up for free training on their website.

Extreme Fitness

Extreme Fitness

Starts at: S$85/month for 18 months

Operating hours: 24/7

With three locations in Singapore, Extreme Fitness is a top gym for people whose goal is fat loss. This gym has dedicated body transformation coaches that guide you through individualised plans to reach your fitness milestones.

Aside from the fat loss, they also specialise in bulk-up programmes, as well as toning and sculpting.

You can book a free session here.

A Word From OMY

Spending on gyms is like investing in a better version of yourself. Thankfully, you can get a lot of value for your money when it comes to the best gyms in Singapore. Before picking a gym, don’t forget to consider your fitness goals.

This way, you can make a more informed choice about what membership plan to sign up for.

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