Affordable Car Rentals To Try In Singapore

Without question, Singapore is one of the best countries for driving. But sometimes, it makes more sense to rent a car instead of purchasing one.

Whether you are only visiting, or just need a car for a few days, car rental companies give you an economical way to get the convenience and freedom you want. Most car rental Singapore companies offer a wide selection of sedans, vans, luxury, and utility vehicles that meet all your seating and mileage requirements.

Most importantly, these vehicles are clean and well-maintained so you have nothing to worry about when the keys are handed to you.

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Here at OMY, you will discover the following:

How Much Are Car Rental Rates In Singapore?

The prices of car rental services in the country largely depend on the car you are renting. If your priority is to save money, going with basic and small vehicles is recommended. Take a look at this table below.

Car type Average cost per day Average cost per week Average cost per month
Sedans, SUVs, and other small cars S$50 to S$100 for a 4-5 seater car

S$150 to S$220 for a 7-8 seater car

S$400 to S$900 for a 4-5 seater car

S$700 to S$1400 for a 7-8 seater car

S$1600 to S$2,700 for a 4-5 seater car

S$2,000 to S$4,000 for a 7-8 seater car

Luxury car Roughly S$400 to S$950 Up to S$3,000 per week Up to S$4,500 per month

The ultimate way to save on car rental is to rent a vehicle long-term. Yearly car rental contracts also have a fixed price that allows you to save more money.

Keep in mind that the rates of car rental companies may increase on weekends, New Year, Christmas, public holidays, and other peak periods.

Most companies also charge higher for those who are planning to cross the Malaysian border or take an out-of-town trip since it would incur more mileage and risks. Before booking, make sure to discuss this with the rental company of your choice. They may ask you to purchase additional insurance to cover your trip.

Cheap Car Rental Services In Singapore

Car Rental Singapore

With the amount of car rental companies in Singapore, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We’ve rounded up the top choices for the most affordable car rental companies to help you. If you don’t have time to examine each car leasing Singapore company featured below, here’s a side-by-side comparison you can use.

Rental company Best for Starts at Locations Contact number
Lion City Rental Cheapest rental S$53/day 4 Jalan Besut

No.5 Toa Payoh West, level 1, Motorway Building

6252 5525
Asia Express Long term rental S$70/day 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 6842-4992
Budget Car Rental Airport pick-up

Rental for other countries available

S$58/day Changi Airport Terminal 3

Havelock Road, #01-07 Waterfront Plaza

+65 1800 305 5390
Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals Luxury car rental n/a 435 Orchard Road, 11 Floor, Wisma Atria 6285 0020
My Car Rental Singapore Holiday rental S$75/day 50 East Coast Road #02-60. Roxy Square Shopping Centre

Brooke Road, #04-00A Katong Plaza

(65) 88 545 198
Island Car Rental Luxury car rental S$60/day Blk 859A Woodlands Street 83, Multistorey car park

Deck 4B

Blk 673 Yishun ave 4, Multistorey car park

Deck 6A

360 Changi Rd (Island Car Wash)

Keng Yee Garden

Island Car Rental

Lion City Rentals

Lion City Car Rentals

Starts at: S$53/day

Contact number: 6252 5525



4 Jalan Besut

No.5 Toa Payoh West, level 1, Motorway Building

Lion City Rentals is a trusted name in Singapore that offers a wide array of cars. This cheap car rental Singapore company also performs well on other aspects of business such as customer satisfaction. Take a look at their daily net prices depending on the contract duration below.

Contract Price
1 week Starts at S$74/day
5 weeks Starts at S$64/day
13 weeks Starts at S$59/day
26 weeks Starts at S$53/day
52 weeks Starts at S$53/day

Currently, they have one of the cheapest cars in Singapore for rent, and they have a current promotional price for their 2020 SsangYong Tivoli car. This car can be rented for as low as S$85 per day for a 52-week contract. This promo is valid until further notice.

When renting cars from this company, you can benefit from a low deposit of S$500 for late model cars, and S$1,000 for brand new cars. The daily charge also covers everything from servicing and maintenance, road tax, and insurance. Car hirers should be 20 to 70 years old.

For more savings, you can go with a monthly car rental in Singapore or share your rented car by adding two shared drivers to your LCR. Their fleet of cars includes:

  • Honda Shuttle and Honda Shuttle Hybrid
  • 2020 SsangYong Tivoli
  • Honda Vezel and Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Honda Vezel Petrol
  • Toyota Axio and Toyota Axio Hybrid
  • Toyota Sienta Petrol and Toyota Sienta Hybrid
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Mazda 3
  • Toyota Vios
  • Toyota Sienta
  • Toyota Grace Hybrid
  • Kia Cerato 3
  • Toyota Altis

Rent here.

Asia Express

Asia Express Car Rentals

Starts at: S$70

Contact number: 6842 4992

Email: n/a

Location: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4

Another budget car rental company worth considering is Asia Express. This company is well-established in the car rental market, although it’s not the cheapest price you can get for daily rates.

Here’s a list of their fleet with the corresponding price:

Model Price per day
Toyota Prius Hybrid S$75
Honda Freed Hybrid S$80
Honda Vezel Hybrid S$75
Toyota CHR Hybrid S$75
Toyota Altis S$70
Honda Shuttle Hybrid S$75
Toyota Prius C S$70
Toyota Axio S$70
Toyota Wish 1.8L S$80
Mazda 3 Skyactive 1.6L S$70

If you want to save money, you can go with their long-term packages. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of having your own mode of transportation without the added financial burdens such as insurance payments, taxes, and expensive down payments. Take a look at their package offers for rental cars below.

Model Cost per month (3 years contract) Cost per month (2 years contract)
Toyota Altis 1.6A S$1,850 S$1,900
Toyota Harrier 2.0A SUV S$2,300 S$2,400
Honda Vezel 1.5A Compact SUV S$1,850 S$1,900

Rent here. 

Budget Car Rental

Budget Car Rental

Starts at: S$58/day

Contact number: +65 1800 305 5390


Changi Airport Terminal 3

390A Havelock Road, #01-07 Waterfront Plaza

With this car rental service, you can have peace of mind that you can save money while getting the best car for your needs. This is one of the most established companies in the world, and it is headed by the Avis Budget Group.

You can reserve your car and have it picked up straight from the airport, or any location you want. You can also contact them if you want to rent a car outside Singapore. Their services are available in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, and many more.

Budget Car Rental regularly updates its fleet of cars to give customers like you the best comfort and safety.

They also offer a wide array of vehicles such as SUVs or vans. Some of their cars include:

  • Chevrolet Sonic Sedan
  • Nissan Teana
  • Chevrolet Cruze Sedan
  • Mazda Biante
  • Mazda CX-5

Get a quote here.

Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals

Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals

Starts at: n/a

Contact number: 6285 0020


Locations: 435 Orchard Road, 11 Floor, Wisma Atria

If your priority is to save money yet still enjoy the comfort of a limo, this car rental service is your best bet. Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals is great not only for everyday use but also for special events.

This company is dedicated to giving you first-class services through comfort, reliability, dependability, and courtesy. They provide a wide array of support services and strive to offer the best fleet of cars possible, as well as personalised services.

Aside from self-drive cars, they also offer chauffeured limousine services, local and Malaysia trips, and organised private tours. They also offer hourly car rental Singapore.

This company also offers free delivery service for any vehicle. If you’re done with your rental, you can also arrange their driver to pick it up for you.

Some of their cars include:

  • Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6A
  • Honda Civic 1.8A
  • Honda Shuttle Hybrid
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid, Nissan Sunny 1.6A
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Sports 1.6A
  • Mercedes E-Class 2.0A
  • BMW Convertible
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • BMW 5-Series 2.5A

Click here for more information.

My Car Rental Singapore

My Car Rental Singapore

Starts at: S$75

Contact number: (65) 88 545 198


Locations: 50 East Coast Road #02-60. Roxy Square Shopping Centre

Brooke Road, #04-00A Katong Plaza

Formerly Known as Payless Car Rental, this company operates more than 1,000 vehicles. This company was born out of the frustrating experiences of its owners in leasing and maintaining motor vehicles in the country.

With My Car Rental Singapore, renting a car has never been easier and more affordable, especially if you plan on leasing cars for two years or longer.

Type of car Cost (1 day) Cost (2-6 days) Cost (weekly) Cost (monthly) Cost (yearly) per month
SUV (new) S$198 S$188 S$1,092 S$3,380 S$2,800
MPV-L S$148 S$138 S$840 S$2,500 S$2,400
MPV-Luxury S$228 S$198 S$1,088 S$2,980 S$2,880
Exotic S$298 S$198 S$1,400 S$2,980 S$2,780
Luxury S$298 S$280 S$1,750 S$3,980 S$3,500
Executive S$168 S$148 S$840 S$2,600 S$2,200
Sedan S$96 S$84 S$540 S$18,00 S$1,550
Hybrid S$98 S$88 S$490 S$1,980 S$1,880
Others S$75 S$75 S$525 S$2,600 S$1,480

Their fleet of cars include:

  • Honda CRV 2.0/2.4
  • Nissan Murano 2.5
  • Mitsubishi Grandis 8 seater – 2.4
  • Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 Lux
  • Lexus RX 3000 3.0
  • BMW Z4
  • Benz E240 – 2600cc
  • Toyota Camry 2.0 or 2.4
  • Nissan Cefiro V6 2.3
  • Toyota Altis
  • Honda Civic Hybrid
  • Hyundai Verna 1.4
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Nissan X Trail 2.5 (Sunroof)
  • Honda Odyssey 7 seater
  • Nissan Presage 2.5
  • Toyota Previa 2.4
  • BMW Open top 325ci
  • GS300 3000cc
  • Hyundai Azera 3300cc
  • Honda Accord 2.4
  • Honda Civic
  • Mazda 3
  • Toyota Prius 1.5
  • Opel Astra HB 1.8

Request for quote here.

Island Car Rental

Island Car Rental Singapore

Starts at: S$60

Contact number: 65 9027 7786


Blk 859A Woodlands Street 83, Multistorey car park Deck 4B

Blk 673 Yishun ave 4, Multistorey car park Deck 6A

360 Changi Rd (Island Car Wash), Keng Yee Garden

When it comes to one of the most popular car rental companies in Singapore, Island Car Rental ranks high on the list. With impressive testimonials from customers, this company will surely not let you down.

They have three locations all over Singapore so it’s never too far away from you. You can simply google car rental near me to find the closest location in your area. This company also offers more than 60 vehicles.

Type of car Daily rate (weekday) Daily rate (weekend) Weekly Monthly
Hatchback S$70 S$110 S$460 S$1,500
Sedan S$60- S$70 S$100 to S$110 S$420 to S$460 S$1,400 to S$1,500
Coupe S$120 to S$200 S$160 to S$270 S$850 to S$1,250 S$3,500 to S$3,800
SUV S$90 to S$200 S$130 to S$270 S$520 to S$1,250 S$1,900 to S$3,800
MPV S$90 to S$150 S$150 to S$250 S$130 to S$950 S$1,850 to S$4,500
Luxury S$200 to S$450 S$250 to S$700 S$1,200 to S$2,800 S$3,800 to S$7,800

Their fleet of cars include:

  • Suzuki Swift 1.3A
  • Toyota Picnic 2.0A
  • Toyota Picnic 2.0A
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Glx 1.6M
  • Toyota Altis 1.6A
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Glx 1.6A
  • Honda Civic 1.6A
  • Honda Civic 1.8A
  • Hyundai Elantra 1.6A (Bronze, Silver)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Ex 1.5A
  • Mercedes S320L 3.0A
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Ex 2.0A
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur 6.0A
  • BMW 750Li 4.8A
  • Mercedes SLK250 Coupe 1.8A
  • BMW Z4
  • Honda Crossroad 1.8A
  • BMW X1
  • Honda Stream 1.8A (Silver, Red, Brown)
  • Toyota Picnic 2.0A
  • Toyota Alphard 2.5A
  • Mercedes S320L 3.0A
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur 6.0A
  • Mercedes E200 CGI 1.8A
  • Toyota Alphard 2.5A
  • BMW 750Li 4.8A
  • Honda Crossroad 1.8A

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about the best cheap car rentals in Singapore? We’ll answer them below.

How much is car rental in Singapore?

The answer ultimately depends on the car you want to rent. Typically, the daily rate starts at S$50 to S$75 for basic cars.

Is it worth it to rent a car in Singapore?

Definitely. This will allow you to avoid maintenance costs, miscellaneous fees, and other hefty expenses that come with owning a car.

Is it easy to rent a car in Singapore?

Yes. They just need your driver’s licence and a valid form of payment.

How much is car rental per month in Singapore?

As with daily rates, the answer depends on the type of car you are renting. Typically, the cost falls between S$1,500 to S$2,500 for basic cars. This can get more affordable if you rent per year.

Why are car rentals so expensive in 2022?

Car rental prices started to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cost is also high because of the demand, and because car rental companies cover all the costs associated with owning a vehicle in Singapore.

What do you need to rent a car?

You need a credit or debit card, and a valid driver’s licence. Most car rental companies also have age limits, usually 20 or 24 to 70 years old. Other companies also require drivers to have at least 2 years of driving experience.

Can I rent a car with cash?

This depends on the car rental service. However, credit cards and debit cards are needed to book a car in advance.

How far in advance should you rent a car?

You should reserve a car a month or two before you travel.

Can I rent a car with a debit card?

Yes. All major car rental companies accept debit cards.

Is it cheaper to book a car in advance?

This depends on whether or not a car rental company offers promotions. Always try to speak to a customer representative to score a better deal.

What happens when you damage a rental car?

Having insurance will protect you from shouldering the costs of damage.

Do rental car companies charge for small scratches?

Yes. This depends on how minor or major the scratch is.

Planning to purchase a new car this year? You may consider getting a car loan in Singapore.

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