HDB piloting beamless flats

Singapore. The upcoming project in Garden Waterfront I & II at Tengah will feature seamless flats to give people more headroom, as well as improve the flexibility of homeowners to change their home layout. This is the first of its kind launched by HDB.

Under the HDB initiative, around 2,000 units will adopt the new technology and innovation in their fabrication, construction, and design.

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The beamless design will involve both 2D and 3D precast components, which is more efficient than all the 3D prefabricated and prefinished volumetric construction components used in most HDB projects.

Beamless Flat Plate System- Hybrid precast system used in a 5-room unit.

Beamless Flat Plate System (Source: HDB)

The move is made possible by partner construction company Obayashi Singapore, as well as other local consultancy partners. Overall, the goal of the beamless units is to improve productivity and lessen the waiting time for the new flats.

“This project will seek to integrate the very latest construction processes and technologies across HDB’s development value chain to boost construction productivity,” stated Minister for National Development Desmond Lee during his speech at the annual HDB awards ceremony on 11 October.

Lee added that the new construction will use sustainable methods.

Construction activities for HDB have returned to almost pre-pandemic levels, with a site productivity improvement rate of 26.2% in 2021. By 2030, the target productivity rate is 40%.

Featured image: Garden Waterfront I & II at Tengah designed and built using modern technology and innovation (Source: HDB)

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