Scam victims receive unsolicited calls from scammers

Singapore. On 9 February, the police issued a warning to the public about scammers posing as officers from government agencies. Over 148 victims have lost at least S$182,000 to scams in January.

According to the statement by the Singapore Police Force, victims would receive unsolicited in-app or phone calls through WhatsApp. Then, the scammer would claim to be from the Ministry of Manpower or the police and say that there are issues with the victim’s bank accounts and that they need to do additional verification.

After that, victims would be requested to provide their banking and personal information to resolve the issues. Some scammers even request victims to show their IDs, bank cards, and work permit during the call.

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“The police would like to emphasise that we do not ask members of the public to provide their bank accounts’ information and passwords, or to transfer money to any bank account,” stated SPF.

The police are urging the public to download the ScamShield app which blocks scam calls. People can also report offending numbers to WhatsApp so the app can block the perpetrators.

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