MAS releases Singapore Asset Management Survey 2021

Singapore. A new chart released by MAS showed that of Singapore’s Assets Under Management or AUM, 78% originated from outside the country. A total of 90% of the total AUM were also invested in assets outside Singapore.

Around 31% of funds that were sourced from outside Singapore were from the Asia Pacific (APAC). Meanwhile, 45% of funds that were invested in assets outside the country came from the Asia Pacific region as well. In APAC, 17% of AUM was invested in Southeast Asia.

Singapore’s AUM – Sources of Funds and Investments of Funds

Source: Singapore Asset Management Survey 2021

The chart is derived from the Singapore Asset Management Survey 2021 which reports key data on the country’s asset management industry for the calendar year. It also highlights areas of development.

The survey involved 1,061 respondents. It covered Finance and Treasury Centres, Banks, Capital Markets Services licensees (such as REIT managers), Insurance Companies, Operational Headquarters and Exempt Entities, and Financial Advisers. However, it doesn’t include direct investments by government-related entities.

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