A survey releases new data about inflation

Singapore. A survey released by decision science solutions & advisory firm Blackbox showed that rising inflation is one of the most important concerns of Singaporeans today.

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In the survey, 91% of Singaporeans stated that inflation is impacting them personally, with 37% admitting that it has significantly impacted their lives. Meanwhile, 55% of respondents said that the government handled inflation badly.

The recently released chart proved the extent to which people are feeling the inflation effects in their daily lives, especially in areas such as supermarkets, petrol, food courts and local coffee shops, taxis and transport, utility prices, travel, restaurants, wet markets, and public transport.

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To What Extent Are You Feeling The Impact Of Inflation

Source: Blackbox.com.sg

Other areas included in the survey are major home purchases, online shopping, technology products, health supplements, entertainment, and clothing and footwear.

It’s worth noting that most Singaporeans are “not at all” affected by inflation when it comes to categories such as childcare, tuition or enrichment, bars and clubs, and personal fitness.

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