Salesforce report found customers want more transparency from companies when it comes to AI adoption

Singaporean customers want transparency from companies as they grow with the use of artificial intelligence in their operations. Around 66% of individuals say that AI development makes it important that companies are trustworthy.

A Salesforce report also showed that 64% of consumers stated that greater visibility in AI use will deepen their trust in companies. Furthermore, 79% said that they are concerned about companies that use AI unethically.

Lastly, 87% of consumers think that it’s important to know if they are interacting with an AI or a human.

The major sentiments of Singaporean customers on AI are curiosity, excitement, and hope.

“Rising customer expectations means companies can’t afford to stand still when it comes to customer service. Technologies such as AI hold immense potential for businesses to keep up with changing needs and preferences. But this also raises pressing concerns around the ethics of AI,” said Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Salesforce ASEAN.

“The trust imperative is now more important than ever. Companies that will succeed are those that demonstrate they are approaching the technology thoughtfully, grounded in transparency and security, in order to win the trust of their customers,” he added.

More than half (53%) of customers want companies to understand their evolving needs. Meanwhile, 85% expect faster service, and 78% are looking forward to better personalisation.

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The report also found that 78% of customers expect constant interactions among departments, and 76% want to interact with someone immediately upon reaching out to a company.

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