Survey shows Singaporeans greatly value non-materialistic aspects of their lives

According to a report by global health service provider Cigna Healthcare, around 88% of Singaporeans are rebalancing their priorities, as driven by the pandemic. Of the survey that included almost 9,000 people from around the world, 1,100 are from Singapore.

Respondents under 45 years old are now prioritising non-materialistic aspects of their life such as physical and emotional well-being, work fulfilment, and connection with family and friends.

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The survey also showed that over half (52%) of people said they want to spend more time with their family, and 31% said they are looking into natural approaches to diet and wellbeing.

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Additionally, 23% of Singaporeans are thinking of finding a new yet more fulfilling job, and 21% said they want to retire early.

The pandemic also drove 42% of Singaporeans to be more ready to embrace change.

Singapore now has the second highest proportion of markets that are worried about illness at 41%. Hong Kong is in first place.

“Our research shows that the people in Singapore have become more resilient and adaptable to change after the pandemic. At the same time, our priorities and aspirations have evolved, with many now valuing family and emotional well-being more, which we see as a silver lining from the crisis,” stated Raymond Ng, CEO & Country Manager of Cigna Healthcare Singapore & Australia.

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