Singaporeans urged to use SkillsFuture

Upskilling is crucial in today’s market. However, around 8 in 10 eligible Singaporeans under 30 have not used their SkillsCredit yet. This is the lowest take-up rate among all age groups.

Across all ages, seven in 10 people have not used their credits since the scheme started in 2015.

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use the scheme to pay for approved skills-related courses.

“Those who have just graduated and just entered the workforce, they are very eager to put into practice what they have learned and so on,” said SkillsFuture Singapore chief executive Tan Kok Yam.

“So I think it’s natural that those who are 25 to 29 activate their SkillsFuture Credit less. But we also want them to sort of internalise and be on board with this whole idea of upskilling, that at some point what they have learnt in the university or polytechnic wouldn’t be enough.”

According to data from SSG, only 16.8% of eligible Singaporeans under the age of 30 and 26.4% of those aged 60 and above have used their SkillsFuture credits.

One age bracket that has a higher utilisation rate includes 30 to 39, at 38.8%.

SSG is now urging more people to take up these flexible and accessible classes.

TINTO sous chef Shaun Ng, 30, is one of the Singaporeans who have addressed his skill gaps through a culinary arts course. His role needs skills that are different from what he learned when he studied environmental science.

“Without the SkillsFuture credits, it will greatly affect my decision to take on the course,” he said.

Through SSG, Singaporeans can easily upskill and save money while they are doing it.

“Often, you hear that there’s just too many courses to choose from,” shared Tan.

“So we have done quite a bit of work on our website and we continue to do so, to make sure that at least the digital touch point is one that can help guide people to the courses that they need.”

Those between 25 and 29 do not have a high use rate of the SSG scheme. 

“If we look at the group between 25 (and) 29 years of age, I would think that as they come out into the workforce and deal with the rigours of working life, they may not have the time yet to make use of their SkillsFuture credits,” said human resources practitioner Jessene Lim, adding that despite this, constant learning is something everyone should do.

“When something new comes up, we make sure that we are ahead of the curve. That’s the only way we can remain competitive.”

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