Eligible Singaporeans to receive S$200 to S$800 monetary disbursement

Amidst rising inflation and the imminent increase in the GST rate, the Singaporean government has unveiled plans to assist 2.9 million adult citizens through the Assurance Package (AP), aiming to cushion the impact of economic pressures.

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The comprehensive support package comprises cash payments, rebates, Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers, and MediSave top-ups.

Eligible adults, aged 21 and above by 2024, are slated to receive cash payouts in December 2023 as part of the expanded AP initiative. The monetary disbursement will range from $200 to $800, benefitting approximately 2.9 million adult Singaporeans, with many set to receive up to $600 in AP Cash.

Moreover, an additional 2.5 million adults will receive up to $200 in AP Cash Special Payment, further broadening the scope of aid distributed.

Deputy Prime Minister Wong’s announcement on September 28 introduced an extra S$1.1 billion Cost-of-Living (COL) Support Package aimed at providing heightened relief to Singaporean households, particularly those in the lower- to middle-income brackets.

A notable S$0.8 billion enhancement to the AP was unveiled as part of this supplementary support, propelling the total value of the AP over S$10 billion.

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